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Thread: Couples Massage Available?

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    Couples Massage Available?

    We are planning to visit Caliente later this fall and would like to get a couples massage (with a happy ending) like we experienced in Desire a couple years ago.

    My wife went first and the massage started out as any normal massage except I participated along with the masseuse. After her back was done she rolled over and again, very much a normal massage with me helping. Towards the end the masseuse began massaging her breasts and then moved down. She rubbed and fingered her gently while I continued to massage her breasts. At one point we both were sucking on both her breasts while she continued to rub her off to a big "O". Then it was my turn and very much the same routine.

    Is this type of service available either through the resort or other member?

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    Couples massages are available at Spa Sereno at Caliente but it is a regular professional massage without happy endings or sexual contact. There's currently at Groupon for a Couples' massage there starting at $89.

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    Thank you

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