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Thread: Single Males at Caliente Tampa

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    Single Males at Caliente Tampa

    Hey All. My wife and I are heading to Caliente Tampa November 10th through the 13th (2016). We've been to Hedo before and locally we go to Sunny Rest during the summer months for a little naked fun. I'll be honest and say we do trips like this so she can pick up single males and we can have the occasional MFM. I happened to notice Caliente mysteriously updated their policy to restrict day passes for single males very recently and now they can only get in if they purchase a pretty expensive yearly pass. Any body have any insight into this?
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    They have made a strong effort to limit the single males that hang out at many clubs. It's rare at Caliente. Predominantly couples, with a few single women. But there will be plenty of attached guys there who would be more than happy to join you.


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