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    bad bad bad

    Well I don't know where to start! First of all my wife and I are NOT swingers!!! After being there a couple of days we went out to dance at the club when this man approached my wife picking her up off the floor and told her that he had a condom in his pocket and was trying to force her out on the balcony to force her to have sex. This sexual harassment went on for several days. The security was advises with no prevail, although they assured us they would handle it, (they had a no meant no policy) the couple was allowed to stay and continue to harass us. Their security is the worst that I have ever witnessed. The security is headed by Robert Donnelly (AKA) casino Bob, he is the worst security person that I ever seen and needs to be relieved of his responsibilities. He and his staff actually talked us out of calling the police and having the perverts arrested. He said that they would keep an eye on the couple and take care of us. It never happened. This couple was allowed to stay and continued to sexually harass my wife, with witnesses and other guest present. Prior to this incident, the management and sales people approached my wife and I and lured us into buying into this resort, explaining to us that safety and comfort was their upmost priority for their members and we would be able to enjoy an adult atmosphere in a safe way, again (no means no) of course this costing us thousands of dollars. Once we realized they would not get rid of this couple, (yes husband and wife) that were swingers or keep them from continuing to sexually harass my wife, we met with management to try and cancel our membership, of course they would not do this, they gave us a line of crap about us using it on down season when this couple would not be there. Sadly to say we did not want to lose our money, and feeling like we were between a rock and a hard place, we said ok!!! We then in turn, hesitantly decided to book a week during their not so busy time, and when we went to use it, we were denied the use of our membership and we were blocked from using it anywhere else!!!! Imagine That????? This place is unsafe, unclean, and very cliquish, not to mention they do not deliver what they tell you they will. All they want is your money and membership and if you fit in, you stay, as long as you donít make any waves. If not say good bye to your money, and your dignity!!! This resort was originally for nudist, just wanting the freedom to live clothes free in a safe comfortable healthy environment. How sad is it that they have made it out to be cheap, dirty, unsafe and all about money!!!

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    Have you checked to see what the rules are regarding a cooling off period in the state of Florida? I'm sure you can get out of your timeshare contract within a certain number of days, seven days is very common.

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