On our previous trips to Hedonism, I tended to write up a day-by-day account of what happened. For our very first Desire Pearl trip report, Iím going to skip all that and just hit the main highlights. This will be cross-posted to both DesireMexico and AdultTravelForum sites since weíve enjoyed contributing to both travel resources in the past. Weíve found great value in reading trip reports from others and hope you enjoy this one too.

We woke up insanely early at 3:15 AM in order to make our 6 AM direct flight. The flight went off without a hitch and we found our transportation (USA Transfers) fairly quickly after picking up our luggage. Coincidentally, we hit the button and got a red light in customs. The baggage inspection went quickly though, so we were at the resort around 10:30 AM. Our room wasnít ready yet and they werenít serving lunch yet either. This was a problem for us since breakfast was a long 7 hours ago by this time. Within 2 hours though, we had checked into our room and were sitting down to lunch in Aphrodite. All was right with the world! After a quick tour around the property, we ended up in the hot tub socializing with a few folks trying to get our vacation legs under us. We met a nice newbie couple from New Mexico who were very gracious and spoke to us throughout the week. Shortly thereafter, a couple whom we had met prior to our trip showed up and we spent some great time with them throughout the week. The theme night was Desire University. My wife dressed up as a super sexy schoolgirl and I dressed up as a nerd. We noticed that not many guys joined in each theme night, so it was easy to make an impression with minimal effort on the theme. My advice to you is to take the plunge and play along. Youíll have more fun if you do. Both Yandy.com and Amazon.com provided most of the sexy dresses, lingerie, and theme costumes for my wife. We threw in the towel relatively early this night due to the extremely early start to our day and it paid off with renewed energy the next morning. You need to pace yourselves, thereís no shame in a power nap in the day or a few extra waters mixed in between drinks to make sure you can rally through the evening!

Believe it or not, we actually hit the gym for the first time ever on a vacation of any kind. This was a landmark for us and we recommend it. However, make sure you get something to eat first or you may run out of energy. This was the first day we spent much time at the beach. There is nothing more soothing than feeling the warm ocean breeze wash over your naked body while you lounge around in a beach chair under a straw hut just inches from the waves. Beware, itís a public beach and families frequently walk by. We soon developed a rhythm similar to what others have noted. Breakfast, beach, lunch, pool, hottub, nap, dinner, theme night/disco, hottub, sleep, and repeat. This day we ran into a couple from Florida that we had made contact with through the DesireMexico site and the March 2016 Yahoo Group. It was really fun to get to know people a little bit virtually and then meet them in real life at the resort. We highly recommend this, as it makes breaking the ice so much easier. The theme night was Desire Mansion. My wife dressed up as a sexy Playmate, complete with cufflinks, bowtie, and bunny ears. I dressed up as Hugh Hefner. This is important because I ended up demonstrating to everyone in the disco what I wore underneath my smoking jacket and pajama pants. When I got pulled up on stage, I had absolutely no idea what I was in for, so my heart was beating through my chest with anxiety. Fortunately I didnít have a heart attack and ended up surviving my ordeal with nothing more than a humbled ego. We hit the hottub after this and we got an eye full this time. Never before have we seen such a large crowd gathered for late night shenanigans. I have to admit, the Hedo hottub is big, but not this big. Weíve seen it busy, but not this busy. Eyes opened! Fun was had!

We indulged in our new daily ritual of heading to the beach after breakfast and we took a long stroll north and south of the resort based on some advice we got on this site. Glad we did, it was fun and we were able to take some pictures of the resort our friends and family now believe we stayed at. Afterwards, we grabbed a beach bed and hung out until lunchtime. They didnít have beach beds at Hedo last time we were there. Now that Iíve seen how relaxing it can be, Iíll miss them if we ever go to a place that doesnít have them. The theme night was Burlesque Night and my wife dressed up in a sexy corset with garter/stockings and I dressed up in all black with black slacks, a black dress shirt, and a black fedora. Again, not many guys dressed up, so it was easy to make an impression with minimal effort. Another late night at the hottub and we set a record for number of consecutive nights staying up past 2:30 AM at this stage of our lives. We didnít want to miss any of the fun!

At the pool today we saw a nice newbie couple from Louisiana show up. My advice to you is to not worry about looking like a newbie. Everyone shows up for the first time at least once. Keep an open mind if somebody approaches you and more than likely youíll be introduced to many new friends you never knew youíd ever have. The hottub was absolutely packed before dinner. The atmosphere was really fun and the energy was high. We ended up eating dinner at Pearl restaurant for the first time this week before heading to the disco. We didnít dress up for the Sexy Uniforms theme, but still enjoyed the show. I had earned a pretty severe sunburn as a result of not heeding my wifeís multiple warnings to re-lather in sunscreen, so our fun was pretty limited this night. For whatever reason, the hottub wasnít very crowded this evening at all, but we still ran into a fun couple from Pennsylvania. We ended up chatting until there were only one or two couples left and decided to call it a night.

Sadly, we had to hurry up and eat breakfast right as they opened at 7 AM since this was our last day and we were on a bus heading to the airport by 8:30 AM. Back to reality! We had such a great time this week and havenít stopped talking about it since. It really brought us closer together and charged us up looking forward to our next adults only trip, whenever that may be.

Compare/Contrast between Desire Pearl and Hedonism II
Having had the privilege of being at Hedo twice before, we were constantly debating the relative merits of each resort. It was impossible not to make comparisons between the two and many people asked us which one was better. We believe each resort stands on its own merits. They are obviously different, and each one has pros/cons. In general, Hedo is much bigger with more rooms (~200+ total). Because it was bigger, there were more dining options, many more people to socialize with, a much larger base of theme night participants, more resort activities, and multiple different pools spread out across the resort to play around in. We also think the nightly shows were superior at Hedo. The Hedo atmosphere also tends to be more permissive with regards to PDA and PDS due to the private nature of the property. You donít really have a public beach where random families can walk by like you do at Desire. On the flip side, because the place is bigger, it can be harder to make connections with people like you can at Desire. Desire Pearl is a more cozy property and that can be a big advantage depending on what your goal is. The rooms at Desire Pearl are all of a similar fit and finish and we believe they exceed the quality of the un-renovated rooms at Hedo. However, we did see one or two of the renovated sample rooms last time we were at Hedo and they looked very classy and modern. At Hedo, they let singles attend and many people are turned off by that. On both our trips, it was a non-factor. There were less than a dozen unattached men and women either time we were there. They are not ravenous wolves waiting to prey on you. The beach grill at Hedo was always our favorite lunch spot and we were disappointed not to find a similar niche at Desire. Our advice is to keep an open mind and visit both some day. Try one resort and then try the other one and make your own mind up. Life is short, donít miss out!