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Thread: Going in July - Our First Time @ HBR

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    Question Going in July - Our First Time @ HBR

    Let me start with I've read lots of reviews about HBR however I haven't seen anything recently so I'm wondering if it some of the 'less than positive' comments about dining are consistent.

    My wife and I are going to be at HBR arriving July 10 for 5 nights. It will be our first time there although we have been to Club Orient countless times. We decided to look for a little different scene and scenery. I'm interested in hearing an update about the dining options. We were not planning to dress while there but we don't want to get sick of our options if we can help it. Recommendations here would be appreciated.

    Also, we are not lifestyle folks but we enjoy sexy behavior with each other and you never know what might happen ... Are there any times / locations (other than our room) where a romantic couple might be able to enjoy each other more than kissing and holding hands? Likewise, is the pool bar about the best place to interact with others? Thanks for your insights!

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    We were there the middle of Nov. and found the food there great. It was actually better than next door. There are numerous places to eat next door but can only recommend the Pub just outside the gate. You will have to get dressed, but worth it. Back to HBR, they have nightly theme nights so the menu changes nightly. If you don't like you can ask them to make you something else. Everyday at lunch they post the menu for the night. You can take a look and decide. We were impressed with most of the food at night. For 5 nights you'll be fine.

    As for PDA, read the website for the rules. Have I seen PDA there, yes. I've seen the couple asked to stop by the staff most of the time. If the mood strikes you might be able to find somewhere.

    The main pool is the gathering area. There is also a hot tub that in the afternoon people gather. With only 42 rooms, by day 2 you'll know everybody. Get involved in the daily pool volleyball game and you'll meet everyone there.

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    I am glad that buniff says that the menu changes every night. When we were there three years ago the menu basically stayed the same the entire time we were there. I am vegetarian so maybe it was just the vegetarian dishes that stayed the same as I was basically ignoring the rest of the menu. We preferred to go next door for dinner and usually for lunch. Lunch tended to have limited choices for me.

    We are going for Anniversary Week in the few weeks so I will have to check out the full menu this time.

    One thing to be sure to do is take the nude catamaran trip. It is usually on Wednesday but depends on the weather. Also, I hope you like pool volleyball (I do) as that is one of the major activities.

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    Zork, my wife is a veggie muncher also. All she did was look at the menu, and asked them to modify, and they happily did. By the end of the week the chef saw her coming and he would walk up and ask if he could fix her something. They never acted as if it was a burden. I think they liked the change and challange of making something different. Just be careful when you say you like it spicy. She wound up with 10 roasted habenaro's in her meal. It was FANTASTIC!!!!!

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