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Thread: Couples San Souci S.S.B. Fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geaux View Post
    We are thinking about doing a split trip like this as well but were thinking we needed to stay closer to Hedo at Tower Isle. Been to CSS before and LOVE it there. Thats why we are apprehensive about staying at Tower
    We're doing a trip to Couples Negril and we'll buy day passes at Hedo for a couple of days. As much as we like CSS, we feel its just too much travel time from Ocho to Negril taking away from valuable vacation time.
    Couples, San Souci- August, 2016
    Hedo II - August, 2017
    Couples, Negril- August, 2018 including 2 day passes to Hedo

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    Do you think a couple could play in the hot tub at night ? Where you able to be nude in your room / balcony / patio ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggybob View Post
    Do you think a couple could play in the hot tub at night ? Where you able to be nude in your room / balcony / patio ?
    As I recall, SSB is 'open to all', no longer nude, by about 5:00 pm. People go watch the sunset. I believe the beach is then locked down at dusk. Groups can book a barman, open washrooms etc, for a substantial fee for after dark parties. These are not, as I recall, nude events.

    So best not to expect the small hot tub to become a party space on your trip. However, you can be as naked as you want in your room. If you want a large patio, well above the normal site lines, go for a room at the top of the buildings at the top of the cliff. Nobody will be able to see into you (large) living room or patio. But it's a longer steep trek to SSB.


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