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Thread: Couples San Souci S.S.B. Fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggybob View Post
    Thanks popatop for the room info.
    What room block did you stay in at CSS ?
    What block has the most private balcony ?
    Our goal was to be as close to the nude beach as possible, as that is where we spent our entire week. So we requested, and stayed in the "A" block. Our room was A-16 on the 2nd floor and perfect for us. We didn't spend any time on our basically non private balcony.

    I think G block (Gardenia) room balconies would be private, as it sets up higher, and offers great views. Just be aware that you would be about as far away from the nude beach as you can be, and you would have to negotiate alot of stairs to access almost everything at CSS. Check out this clip below. It shows room G-16 balcony and views 1:55 into the video.
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    Couples, San Souci- August, 2016
    Hedo II - August, 2017

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    Thanks for sharing the video popatop. We are so torn on what room block to choose. The stairs are what concerns us. We hear BAD things and not so bad things about the stairs at CSS

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    Off to SSB on Oct 6th for a week.

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    Is there anywhere on the forums that have trip reports from CSS? My wife and I have never been to a nude beach but are very interested. I think this might be the perfect fit for us.

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