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Thread: drinking at HEDO - our two cents

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    Ya know what they say, you can't drink all dat of you don't start in the morning

    Although a case of whiskey dick totally defeats the purpose of late night hot tub shenanigans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faren~n~cherry View Post
    Ya know what they say, you can't drink all dat of you don't start in the morning

    Although a case of whiskey dick totally defeats the purpose of late night hot tub shenanigans.

    Love the first quote.

    As to the second part. Do guys ever take anything to help with that (little blue pills)? And if so, issues or concerns with mixing alcohol and pills?

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    Thank you for the tips!
    We definitely don't want any "whiskey dick" going on so we will pace ourselves!

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    Good forum for everyone! So, the content of the webblog is great! I wish you the best of everything!

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    I'll drink to that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmlovepleasure View Post
    all inclusive does kind of say we're going to drink more than we should lol

    we saw 2 seperate accidents in 2 weeks... one guy hit the floor facedown hard, really hard on his cup, smashed his nose, blood everywhere... and the very next night another guy split his head open in concrete, blood everywhere again, not a small scratch, but a gash open yak!!

    drinking is expected... but make sure one of you does not go over the limits of tipsy to shitface can't hardly walk and is able to help your spouse fonction safely. one accident can really fuck up your holiday!
    we saw one guy miss the stairs all together in the hot tub and fell in! he got lucky it was just water that hit his face!

    as a spouse you may take it upon yourself to serve your love one a virgin drink to avoid the painful discusion of "honey your drunk" once drunk most people won't even notice it is a virgin drink and slip a water once in a while in between drinks...

    we had a blast and got tipsy more than a few times, even together, but no one got hurt and we didn't waste a full day to recover from a crazy night of drinking lmao we lost a few friends for 18 hours of coma cause they got so drunk they were still drunk the day after lol

    way too expensive from our perspective to waste 18 hours lol after taking off 6 hour to sleep everyday, so base on 18 hours awake a day!! our trip cost $26 an hour = $468 coma!!

    our two cents!!

    safe travel!!
    Well said and funny at the same time. I think a lot of the shitface drinking comes from being nervous about being naked for the first time in public. Shots kill most people.
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    Hubby gets drunk.. Sleeps a few hours and can make it to dinner sober and ready for more.. Never gets a hangover.. I tend to watch after him alot.. lol
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    I personally do 30% alcohol 70% herb, that works for me
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