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Thread: Our first time down

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    Our first time down

    We are both from the Hamptons (Eastern Long Island) and would like to get an idea of the lifestyle and expectations of a visit, We are open to ideas and advice

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    Not really sure what you're asking but if you read the trip reports and it will give you a good idea of what a typical visit to Desire is like. If you have specific questions just ask.

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    Can_cpl is right, there is a lot of good information here about Desire Riviera Maya. I wrote a trip report after our first visit. I can tell you a couple of things generally, though.

    If you like being naked, this is the place to be! You can be naked from the time you leave your room in the morning, right up until dinner! Well, except that you will need to wrap a towel around your private areas to go into the restaurants for breakfast and lunch. The grounds, the pool, the beach and especially the rooftop hot tub, all are places where you can be free of clothing. We were worried about being stared at or judged, but that concern evaporated in about five minutes! However, if you do feel the need to wear some clothing, you can do that- but I recommend embracing the experience and going au naturel!

    If you're looking for a sexy vibe, or the adventure of a place where you can have sex in front of other people, this is the place for that! There's no play allowed around the pool or on the beach, but there are numerous beds around the rooftop hot tub where couples, threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes will be getting busy in plain view. Feel free to look- they're doing it outside on purpose! Just don't be a creeper about it, and don't join in without an invitation.

    Speaking of joining in, you know that this is a lifestyle-friendly resort. So, it's likely that people will, at some point, ask if you're in the lifestyle. Feel free to honestly tell them where you are on that. If you're not interested in playing with other people, just tell them that, and they will be respectful and not make any moves on you. But if you want to experiment, or if you're already experienced swingers, then let that flag fly, too! The availability and willingness of other couples for playing is not a guarantee, of course- it depends entirely on the crowd that is there at any given time. We've been there twice- one time, the crowd was more lively, play-wise, and the other time, things were more sedate (to be honest, we wanted more playing than we got, especially the second time).

    I hope that gives you an idea of how things might work. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk privately, and look up the other threads and trip reports. Or, of course, to ask any questions you might have about details!

    Have fun!

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    Its one great adult amusement park, fun park, you can choose the rides you want to ride and the ones you dont metaphoricaly, from morning to late night, take it all in relax and be Irie

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