We went to Desire Pearl in July 2015 for our first ever stay at an adults only clothing optional venue. This was my idea. I had always wanted to vacation someplace where I could swim and lounge naked without it being a family nudist location. El was nervous and apprehensive about the five day stay. She didn't know if she would be able to be naked. When we arrived and went through the introduction talk her hands were shaking so much that she could hardly sign the release form. An hour later we were both naked in the jacuzzi! We had a great time and participated in the sexy daytime activities at the pool. Sexy darts was a lot of fun. We enjoyed the themed nights and dancing. The food was great with a lot of variety and appeal. There were no problems with our room at all. The staff were fun, friendly, and helpful. They helped me find my lost swim trunks. Don't have any idea how I had lost them. During our stay we walked down the beach to Puerto Morelos a few times and went snorkeling on the reef once. The foam party was a blast. One late afternoon we decided to take a nap before dinner and the night's activities. We awoke at 3:30 am, missing everything but still enjoyed ourselves at the lobby bar.
Even though our visit was three months ago and only for five nights, I hear El say something about Pearl pretty much every day, like 'Wish we were in the hot tub right now' or 'Don't you wish we were at the bar in the pool?'. We plan to visit again in July 2016 and will make our plans as soon as an attractive deal pops up.