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Thread: Bad Feedback From Travel Agent

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    Bad Feedback From Travel Agent

    Hello Everyone!!
    My gf and I are psyched about out trip to H3!!!! We did make the mistake of asking a travel agent about feedback regarding the resort. She gave us a judgmental look and said "You don't want to go there!" In fact, she used the word "RAUNCHY" to describe it. What does that mean??? Also, she said this is a place for singles, not many couples go here unless they're into swinging. I mean, my girl and I are pretty wild (, ) but swinging is not our thing.

    Can anyone shoot me a line and share their experiences at the resort? It would be great if whoever responded was in a similar situation as mine (i.e. down for a great time, in a committed relationship, not judgmental)


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    The resort is mostly couples.

    She is probably just the sexually repressed type that couldn't have a good time there, her problem is she assumed you (and I'm sure everyone) is like her.

    At any given time, on average 25% or less of the people are full swingers.
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    Have fun

    June is our 3rd trip to H3 this year. Yes we can be wild but pretty tame to some ... Yes you will see PDA's (public display of affection) but thats part of being at Hedo. The drinks are all poured freely, the food is good (not 5 star) but good. In your post you said you were pretty wild well then there shouldnt be anything that would offend you ... in fact it can be exciting.
    You can make your agent happy and go to Grand Lido Negril ... get a good book and read on the beach ... have dinner and retire to the room at 9.
    You will have a blast, eat, drink, play the games...
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    The fact that you even considered Hedo answers your question. If it were an all out orgy and swinger heaven, it would be on the 6:00 news every night.

    My wife and I go for our first trip to Hedo3 in May. Extensive research led us there. We aren't swingers either. As Chris said, it's only about 25% swingers on average. Keep in mind that anywhere you go, there will be people you want to hang around and people you don't want to hang around.

    If you considered Hedo, that tells me the nude beach/pool options enticed you. That's what made us condider it. Of all that I checked out, Hedo seemed to have the best... this is important to note... VISITOR reviews. NOT travel agents, but actual people that have been. I have said this here before, but find me another resort that has an actual forum such as this where I would say over 98% (Chris can dispute if my math is wrong) of the entries are positive. In fact, find me another resort with a forum like this at all. People visit this forum to talk about vacations they have alredy been on.

    Have you ever been on a vacation and got home and felt so good about it that you sat down and wrote out a trip report for strangers to read??? Your travel agent probably needs to go more than you do. To help her out... Go to Hedo and send her a trip report.

    Go and have fun. If you don't you will always wonder...


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    I was at Hedo III from Mar. 28 - April 4 this year and it was nothing like your travel agent described. We were Hedo virgins and decided to take a chance and it was the best vacation we'ver ever had. We can't wait to go back.

    There were very few swingers there, and once they know that you're not, they are very respectful and you can actually (gasp!) talk to them and party along side them. Most of the folks there were committed couples that just like to have fun together.

    I would check to see what groups are there when you are going. Of course, a lifestyles group would really increase the ratio of swingers to non-swingers. But I wouldn't worry too much, no one can make you do anything you don't want to do! Set your boundaries before you go, and all will be good. You'll have a great time!!!

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    The ultimate proof that your travel agent does have a clue, is the fact that she says the place mostly single swingers. First of all, swinging done anywhere, is overwhelmingly a couples activity. Hedo is overwhelmingly (80% or more) a couples resort. I would agree with Chris that only 25% of the people at Hedo are swingers, at best.

    The swingers are probably tamer than the non-swingers. The swingers are doing the same stuff they do at home. The non-swingers are the ones doing all the ultra freaky, "on the down low" "what happens in Vegas..." stuff.

    If you and your woman are attractive, whether looks-wise or personality-wise, people will make offers., but expect those offers to be both subtle and polite. Rude and pushy people really stand out at Hedo, and because the place is small, word travels fast about them. The bottom line is don't stress about the swinger thing.

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    All I can say is look up our trip report for April 8th - 15th. We are full swingers, but female half only played with another female. We were so into each other that we just could not keep our hands off each other. Made alot of friends that week, without sexual parts involved. As experienced Hedo visitors now (lol 1 trip under our belt), what everyone says on here is true, it is what you make of it. Sex / food / drink, as much as you want, when you want it, lol.
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