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    Hi everyone,we will be going to Caliente and Paradise Lakes 8/28-9/1. Will be our first time at Caliente,would like to chat a lil with others that have been there. We plan on going to Happy Hour 8/28,then spending the day there on our free pass on 8/29. Will check out the club at night as well. We have enjoyed Paradise Lakes in the past and will visit friends there as well,but hope to make many new ones. We will be relocating to the Tampa area in the near future. Brenda and Rocco

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    Brenda and Rocco,

    If you only had to do one of the resorts in the Tampa area, which one would you go with Paradise Lakes will Caliente? My girlfriend and I had planned to go to Caliente the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but that was before we knew Paradise Lakes existed. Paradise seems like it's cheaper then Caliente, but we would like to hear the perspective of a couple that has been to both locations. She's in her late 20s and I'm in my late 30s. Thanks folks

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    We live close and have gone to both , cali is a much nicer resort . Saturday nights are the best there
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