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Thread: Caliente Prices are over the top now

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    Caliente Prices are over the top now

    We live fairly close to Caliente and used to go there every weekend throughout the winter when the snow birds are all there, however, the past couple of times we have gone (nights only) it has been quiet and the drinks have gone up to the point where it's better to leave your drinks in the car and visit the car lot for a drink then re enter the club. It was 20 dollars for a vodka and coke and one beer. Management seem to think that it's ok to over charge for normally cheap drinks. As for service, it's always slow and bad.... The piano bar is the fastest way to be served and it's always been that way. In my opinion the food is sub standard and over priced, Their "Chef" is nothing but a burger cook and the few times I have eaten there I have been very disappointed. Eye's wide shut in Tampa is the lifestyle club and worth the drive even if it's just to look. I can't see Caliente doing well with this new management.

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    We are heading to Caliente that last weekend in July. Hope there is a good size crowd then

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    What would a three night stay cost for the hotel room? We're thing a Thur - Sat leaving on Sunday type of visit. We're not members or anything like that. Are there other resort charges besides the room, food and drinks?


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    ask for Tara at Caliente
    We got a discount because we are going to listen to their 45 minute talk to try to get us to buy a time share. we are staying at the hotel arrive July 34 for 3 nights
    It is like 1/2 off if you do the 45 minute tour NY here

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnandheidi View Post
    What would a three night stay cost for the hotel room? We're thing a Thur - Sat leaving on Sunday type of visit. We're not members or anything like that. Are there other resort charges besides the room, food and drinks?

    As preferred members of Caliente we can say that prices have gone up this year but we don't find it out of line with other places we have visited. I drink Coors ($5) and my wife drinks Tanqueray Gin and tonic ($8.50). The problem is your in a big pool naked with lots of other peeps naked and all that nakedness is distracting and it's easy for that bar tab to get away from you. Food is pricey on some items but again not out of line with most better hotels in our area (but those places don't have naked people in the pool). Caliente is not a JW Marriott or Ritz-Carlton and it doesn't tote itself as such but it's not Friday's or Chili's crap either (and you do get plenty to eat). The club does "ding" you for every little item (it's not an all-inclusive setup) so you bill can add up quickly. Hotel rooms run from 145-190 depending on time of year, 1BR condos start at 230-280, and so forth.

    Now they have been working on the place steadily this year but I think the issue is the owners are still taking a financial beating with Caliente Caribe (which is now closed). If they can dispose of that property and concentrate on Caliente Tampa then you will really see some changes. There usually is a live band pool side every Sunday now instead of a boring DJ. There is no longer an issue with pool loungers as most have been repaired (I would like to see the daybeds updated). We now most of the staff that work there and they run their little butts off for most everyone. The owners do have career fairs every three months and we have seen some new faces that seem to be enjoying the work. The night club is awesome (again there tended to be naked peeps dancing) so again watch that bar tab.

    The Vacation Club is a modified time-share tied in with RCI (we do not belong).

    We are there every weekend and many of our friends live in the community. We are in our 3rd year as members (our visits are not one-night stands) and we are happy to give anyone the pros/cons to visiting; just drop us a PM.

    FYI: Eyes Wide Shut is pretty cool and it rocks at night but I don't think you can get a suntan during the day at the place (unless you go up on the roof)...just saying
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpltravel View Post
    We are heading to Caliente that last weekend in July. Hope there is a good size crowd then
    We are also going to,caliente that weekend.we try to go 2-3 times a year. Try to go,on an sdc weekend they offer room discounts and reduced grounds fees.

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    Wow...that's a bit pricey indeed. A room with liquor and food.....about or more than an all inclusive room at Hedo...just add flight and you're there all inclusive and don't have to worry about running up a bar tab or eating too much.
    At the prices quoted above. $145 cheapest room, say 10 drinks each a day/evening $135.50, and we have to eat something...say $100/day breakfast lunch,dinner. That's $380.50 / day at the least expensive time of the year, and that doesn't include any kind of tipping.
    Hedo rooms for a couple at New Years (most expensive time of year are only $225pp...and In the $150pp range off times of the year.)
    Flights to Florida aren't much cheaper than Jamaica.
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    We got a discounted week with the "Sales Promotion Special". We're from the west coast so we went sightseeing on the quiet weekdays. We bought food outside and snacked in our room mostly. All-in-all, we had a fun, reasonably-priced vacation at a nice resort. If we were local we would go back more often, especially on weekends.

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    We have been on a couple weekends and several Sundays. We love the pool and the sun. We like our drinks, Margaritas w Patron so more expensive. We have run up some bar tabs and have a lot of fun. We are going back soon doing the 45 min presentation and will have a great time. Hard to do a weekend at Hedo. Eyez wide shut, no sun and we've been on a friday when maybe dozen people there and used the large playroom by ourselves. Caliente has been better for us and worth the extra expense. Byob and get your drink on in your room before heading out to the parties. After parties are always byob. Bring food or go out in town to save a few dollars. We find the portions to be good enough for us to share the main course.
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