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Thread: couples san Souci fantasy

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    couples san Souci fantasy

    Hey all....wife and I will be in Jamaica couples sans Souci in June. My fantasy is for some young stud to rub my wife's feet in the pool while she is on her raft...and then maybe a full body massage in our room. She is blonde and very good looking.Any takers..? Who will be there in June..?

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    That's it??, Our fantasies and experiences are a little more out there. But that's the beauty of can be whatever you want. Never been to Couples, but suppose this fantasy can happen. A bit laid back for the Hedo guest though.
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    WOW!!! That's crazy!!! You could finish up with a game of chess and lights out by 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdn_cpl View Post
    wow!!! That's crazy!!! You could finish up with a game of chess and lights out by 10.

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