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Thread: Heading to Caliente in a few weeks...what are 2 newbies in for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rapid007 View Post
    My wife and i will be there from may 15-18.. anyone be there during that time? Also we are going there after 2 long years, is it still the same resort or something changed. btw i'm 32 and my wife is 28..

    We might be there! We have a big group of people that are going! We just haven't set a date yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FLcouple View Post
    We might be there! We have a big group of people that are going! We just haven't set a date yet.
    Let us know when you come in...we're there every Saturday and Sunday
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    One week from tomorrow (4/23), we will be there by lunch time for our first ever visit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkd2013 View Post
    Let us know when you come in...we're there every Saturday and Sunday
    Do you guys stay overnight or day pass.

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    Its been 6 months or so since going to Caliente heres our take and experience. Caliente is a clothing optional Community, picture naked tennis, naked volleyball, naked jogging, my wifes favorite sighting... naked canoeing. The clientele around the pool has been older on average guessing 60ish, lots of residents. Its no Hedo around the pool, absolutely no PDAs around the pool,yes theres a pool nazi but its very social, relaxing and with the band playing and cocktails flowing its a nice vibe.
    Things pick up on the weekends, pools good people watching when a group is in house. The fun begins at night, we usually stay in a condo with friends take a shuttle golf cart to club house. We go to the piano bar, eat, drink and tip the pianist to play some tunes. great place to hang out for an hour. Then head into the disco, we have found it to be as good or better than Hedo or trapeze on occasion. Don't wait for the party to come to you, bring it and others will join in. We found Caliente to be a bit more laid back so people need to be nudged a bit on occasion, think its the community thing. Heard people bitch about its not Hedo well its like life you can have as much fun as you let yourself have. Play some pool in the sports bar and watch the Stanley cup or Rays lots of fun. Caliente is not cheap but we are fortunate to have it near by. Go with a group or friends if you want to get on it, bring your sole mate if you wanna chill and just hang out.

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    Going to Caliente for the first time 5/7-5/10. Been to Hedo twice, thought we would try Caliente for a short, last-minute trip!

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    You will enjoy the disco and the facility itself but the people just are not the's my second favorite vacation spot on Earth......

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    My fiancÚ and I will be there tomorrow the 15th to the 18th for our first time. I'm sooo excited, I can hardly wait! I'm turning 40 on Sunday and my fiancÚ is 42.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naughty Nudists View Post
    OK look for one shortly.
    Old post but could we get the PM as well?

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    Hey all,

    Love be to hear any feedback on caliente as thinking of going in January for a weekend or possibly hedoevents in Orlando any feedback is welcomed. Been to hedo a few times just can't get that far away from MA right now ��������

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    I went to Hedoevents in Kissimmee for Halloween with a couple. It's their biggest weekend of the year. People were great. The facilities are still being renovated and the food provided was lackluster. Crab legs were good. But not much more after that.

    Hope this helps.

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