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    club ambience

    Please help us. H2 is full feb15-22. Please give something good about club A. It is my birthday week. I'll be happy being naked for week. But, would love to meet some new friends

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    We were there in Feb of last year. The staff is (mostly) great. Phillip and Oral at the main bar are both a lot of fun and are warm and fun people. The food was so-so. Some of it was very good but it always seemed like there wasn't much of the "really good" stuff.

    The nude beach is small but clean and well-maintained. It is man-made but there is some shade and some sun. We are at H2 from Feb 13 - 21 but are, at this point, taking a taxi over to Club Ambience on the 21st for one night because we couldn't get a room at H2 for that night.

    If you go to Club A not expecting 4-star accomodations, you'll be ok. It's dated but clean. There isn't much night life but the house band is pretty good. Count on early bedtimes and relaxing during the day. It definitely doesn't have the same party "vibe" as H2.

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