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Thread: New European couple

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    New European couple

    Hi to all you fellow members of the adulttravel forum. We figured it was time to introduce ourselves properly here. We are a mid thirties couple from Europe that is very much into each other. We are absolutely soul mates, understand each other without words but can in the meantime surprise each other with new things. We have a small child and a second is on its way. This has been the greatest enrichment in our life. While we are very enthusiastic about running a small family we realize that we should not lose each other in hectic daily life. Therefore we are already planning time away together when our second child was born.

    We have a fantastic sex life and are still really hot for each other. She has a exhibitionistic tweak in her character and she just loves to be naked and show off her gorgeous body. We would love to have a relaxing holiday where we can be nude in the warm weather and enjoy being nude and naughtiness around us. We are not swingers but she has had some experience with another woman and would love to repeat that with him. He has a fantasy to share here in a mmf threesome and / or just watch her with a hot and sexy stud.

    We will look around here and hope that we will have adventures to share as well, very soon!

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    Welcome, we have met many Europeans on our trips to Hedo and Desire. You'll find lots of information here and just ask if you have any questions, lots of people here willing to help.

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    Hello and welcome!!! Wishing you both many happy adventures!
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    Hey guys, weclum to the forum. Lots of things to read up on here for sure
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    Thank you all for your warm welcome!

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