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Thread: Sensual massage questions

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    Sensual massage questions

    Can I get more detailed info on the sensual massage and who to ask for? Thank you.

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    Go to and search for Sensual massage it has been a very good subject on the site and even who is best to ask for...

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    Hi guys, you can visit here our website and there are all the kinds of massages that we offer at our facilities.

    Warmest regards.
    Desire Resorts

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    We had the sensual massage. You and your significant other are in the same room. There is some subtle touching by the massage therapists man on woman and women on man. Then the massage therapists leave the room and you and your significant other finish up the happy ending. Very sexy and sensual. Enjoy!

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    There is the sensual massage, and there is the erotic massage. We had the erotic massage, and we can tell you that there is nothing subtle about the touching of your naughty bits by the masseur/masseuse. In the erotic massage, you are massaged over just about every inch of your body, genitals included (no penetration for the women). It is sensual as well as erotic. As with (my understanding of) the sensual massage, the two participants are brought together near the end so that they can give each other a happy ending. It was a very exciting and stimulating way for us to begin our vacation at Desire! We stayed at Riviera Maya, not Pearl, so we do not know who to recommend at Pearl.

    (CoupleInMD79 on SLS, APG, Kasidie, and Quiver)

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    Reconnect each other as lovers, using the ancient art of touching.
    Experience the magic, the mystery of a couples sensual holistic and tantric massage instruction.
    Take an intimate moment to really relax, have fun,learn,pamper and nourish your passionate love @};- !
    With no doubt... a wonderful way to start or end your vacation.

    The perfect gift...
    If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, an engagement or anything else with your special one , I'm sure this will be the perfect gift for both !

    Any questions , doubts or to book your appointments please feel free and write me back and I would love to get back with you as soon as possible!
    For further information you can check my web site

    Looking forward to hear from you and the pleasure to see you soon !! Claudia.

    Claudia Gabucio

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    Claudia me and my wife hade a wonderful massage by you a the last time we were in mexico she had had stroke and you were wonderful next time we get down there we wil see you again

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    For the new couples coming and the couples that have visited the resort before that would like to come and book an appointment for a couple sensual holistic tantric massage and workshop, I'm already booking your sessions. If you want just write me back to my personal email and let me know the dates of your trip, that way I will give you options of days and times open for you to choose.

    The therapy is a very LOVING,PEACEFUL,SENSUOUS and HEALLING massage. During the session you will be able to express love wich comes from the heart rather than the mind. Through your hands, you can touch each other to reach not only the physical person but also the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

    Let massage and touch be an important part of your trip. While you may need or want to learn some techniques,remember that it is the quality of your touch and time, the intention on how you touch each other, that will deeply soothe and revitalize your bodies, heighten your pleasure and sensual awareness, and bring you closer together.

    When was the last time you touched each other besides during sex? Take a moment for you and your other half through my therapy. Fall in love again and awaken the passionate love within you by touching every single part of the body during our session.
    Appointments open from Monday's till Saturday's, only two sessions a day, first one at 10.00am and the second one at 1.00pm.

    The cost of the therapy...only 190 usd for both of you and the session last two hours one hour for each one of you.
    Any questions or doubts please feel free and write me back and I would love to get back with you as soon as possible !

    Celebrating any birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or just because you want to surprise your honey, this can be an awesome and wonderful gift for both of you.

    Looking forward to hear from you and the pleasure to see you very soon ! Claudia.

    Claudia Gabuccio Terrazas
    cel 9981-22-62-23 ( work )

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    Go to if you are looking for Tantra, Sensual Massage, Fetish/BDSM. I have searched everywhere and this site looks the best, with the most attractive women on there.
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    The erotic massage sounds pretty damn exciting! Wish that was offered in Jamaica!
    Couples, San Souci- August, 2016
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    Couples, Negril- 2018 + a few day passes to Hedo!

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