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Thread: HBR new Night club

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    HBR new Night club

    Anyone have any news on the new night club at HBR.. Where is it located on the property..

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    We left the day before it opened. It is to the right of the bathrooms just behind the 1100 building

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    yes, it is right by the bathrooms in the center of the resort

    Not sure if this BB allows pictures? If so I can post a few....
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    We were there for Halloween and it's great. it is enclosed and air conditioned. So if you dress up for a theme night you don't have to worry about sweating on humid nights. It also has a new hot tub inside which is a great place for hanging out on rainy days. Only flaw was they didn't put in additional overflow drainage. So when it got crowded the water flowed out into the main area. Staff cleaned it up quickly. Currently using the old moonlight club furniture but new stuff is on the way we are told.
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