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Thread: Questions about Desire RM - Nov 16

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    Questions about Desire RM - Nov 16

    Hi all. We are going back for our 2nd trip. it's been a while. Need some pointers. All help appreciated.

    Dress code: how easy is it to rent something for one or other evening?
    Cialis etc: Last time we went, tablets were available on site. Still the case?

    For any couples going at same time, we are a bi-curious couple 50/47 from Switzerland looking to watch, be watched and do things together. H: 183cm / 86 kgs. Brown hair, shaved, cut. S: 180: / 73, blond, shaved. Would love to meet couple with piercings and w/endowed male

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    You guys are about to leave on your trip! Hope I'm not too late to answer your questions.

    We went to DRM a few weeks ago. We checked in the small shop about renting costumes for the theme nights. It seems that they do not rent costumes any more. They do have some overpriced items for sale, but you will want to bring as much as you can to dress for evenings/theme nights.

    I'm sorry to say that I don't know about the availability of Cialis at the resort. We brought our own supplies of that type from home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoupleInMD View Post
    They do have some overpriced items for sale, but you will want to bring as much as you can to dress for evenings/theme nights.
    Overpriced is an understatement. There was a beautiful red dress that was paraded around the pool in a lunchtime fashion show. I found it in the gift shop and was all set to buy it when I asked about the price in US$. It was close to $300. I promptly told the salesgirl to hang it back up.
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