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Thread: Shaved or Hair

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    The Mrs. is clean. I was for a bit but she said she didn’t like it bare. So I have a soul patch on top and bare down and under.

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    Waxing is the way to go or laser it off for us!
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    There's a lot of middle ground between completely shaved and a 70's style forest. Even those that don't completely shave tend to shave the important bits and then trim the rest.

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    One more vote for shaved.

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    We are both completely bare and would not have it any other way.

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    Along those lines, I have a full chest and abdomen covered with fur that the lady in my life loves. I do shave the manly bits but have difficulty with the transition from belly fur to skin, especially with where to make the demarcation line. Which is preferred, a tapper or block style, and how far north of the equipment?

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    I keep myself closely trimmed. She likes it that way. I like her to either keep it shaved clean or leave about a quarter inch of hair. Three or four days of stubble is hard on the tongue.

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    Completly shaved for both of us, so much better for oral sex. We also like to shave each other.

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    Both are bare. Laser treatments for both of us, and Sam can shave once a week to maintain (no stubble or rough stuff at all). Rose will go for a wax a few days before we travel and she is good for the entire trip
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