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Thread: Still open?

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    Still open?

    Wife and I will be going to Couples San Souci next April. We were wanting to try somewhere that we wouldn't have to get dressed to go to the naked pool. Does anyone know if this resort is going to be open then? Are they closed down for good?

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    Understand they have been sold...

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    We drove by and it appears that Time and Place which is located beside the N has also been torn down

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    from a Travel Agent we know.. it is closed and most likely will not reopen..
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    To bad it seemed to be a nice place to be nude in the sun.I which there would be more places like that in the carribean.

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    For anyone that is interested and does not know, the resort formerly known as "N" is now the Adult Only resort "Mangos". While adults only, it is a pure textile resort.

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