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Thread: Caribe, Feb. 2014

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    Caribe, Feb. 2014

    We are back from our one week stay at Caribe. We think the place is absolutely gorgeous, at a super location and very clean. We started our stay when there were no groups there, therefore it was very quiet and laid back, to the point where it got to be a little boring. There was not much in the form of entertainment, both day and night time. Also, there is no sort of water activity, which is a shame, being it is located on a nice private cove. Things did pick up once a group checked in half way through our stay. They brought their own entertainment and excitement. All in all, we'd go back. They place is clean, a few minor hiccups were quickly taken care of and the food was good and the staff very friendly. Rumor had it that they would be closing for the summer due to lack of bookings, hope they will re open in the fall and get a bit more activities going.

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    We were there during the same period and we both enjoyed the place very much. We would go back in a heart beat. We are missing the Pina Colada....We are going to experience Caliente Tampa next fall : )

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