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Thread: first timer questions...

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    first timer questions...

    OK people what type of party can we expect at temptations from 4/27/14-5/4/14? Is it anything like hedo? are lots of life stylers there regularly? how full with the resort be at this time of year? will i be able to find weed while on the resort or anywhere else near by? Thanks everyone!! we are considering temptations instead of hedo this year to save about 1000$
    Hedo II 4/28/13-5/3/13 Zoo Krew
    Temptations Cancun 4/27/14-5/4/14
    Hedo II 4/11/15-4/18/15 Kitten and Angels spring fling
    Hedo II 4/9/16-4/16/16 Kitten & Angels spring fling
    Can't Wait!!!

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    Temptations is nothing like hedo, so don't try and compare. Temptations is adult only, and topless optional. There are swingers there but it isn't open like it is at hedo. The party is fun and the guests are always a blast, much like hedo. Ad its pretty much full year round so you shouldnt have any issues with low occupancy. As far as weed, I'm sure it's around.
    Tiff and Greg

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