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Thread: Caliente Caribe Getaway...

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    Caliente Caribe Getaway...

    Hi there! We are hoping to get feedback on the Caliente Caribe in the Dominican Republic. We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in August and would love to meet up with some sexy people for some naked fun! Is anyone planning a trip this summer?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Wife and 2 other couples we're friends went to Caliente FLA and had a terrible time, Front desk and restaurant & bar people were great but the women that taught pole dancing were absolutely rude to our wives. Our age ranges from 40-50 and they treated the wives as if they didn't exist. It seemed these women were there as instructors for all kinds of dancing lessons and acted that way all the time. We chatted up some other couples we met on the beach and they said the same thing. It seemed if you were over 30 you were to old to teach. 2 years later Caliente called and offered all 3 couples a discount trip and when we told them about the lousy experience we had they offered us a deal so we went. Again the staff was great we only mentioned something they went out of their way to accommodate. But to be honest, the place was ok, not much in top line drinks or mixers, they couldn't make a bloodymary because of no tomato juice or mixer. The romance energy was good but not many people there. When things did start to heat up someone would say something to the staff and they would be obligated to stop the fun. I know this has nothing to do with Caliente but you would think if someone is going to a place like this they would gather info on the place and realize it's not a family Nudest resort. We wouldn't go back again unless things change.

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    Is it the same a s the one in Tampa

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