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Thread: Thinking of going to Hedonism II for my 30th wedding anniversary.

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    Thinking of going to Hedonism II for my 30th wedding anniversary.

    Hi....I am new to all this and thinking of going to Hedonism II for my husband and I's 30th wedding anniversary in late March. How common is it not to have hot water? I have been on enough medical missions to know I HATE cold showers. Is it better to pay for the upgrade to a premium room?

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    The chances of not having hot water are just that: chances.
    Upgraded room or not, it happens. It's an older facility and the infrastructure is not an easy fix/upgrade.

    That said, if it's a problem you have options: shower at the Spa. shower in another's room. Move.

    In general, is it worth an upgrade to a premium room?
    That is completely subjective. If you have the means, and the upgrades mean something to you, yes.
    For some on here, not worth it.
    For me, worth it.


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    Seven trips haven't had hot water for about an hour or so once. I get up very early to go to the beach and always have hot water. I think showering at non-common times helps as everyone is showering at 6-7:30 for dinner.

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    Thanks all for the replies....doesn't sound like a problem....

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