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Thread: Thinking of booking a trip in July

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    Question Thinking of booking a trip in July

    Nothing specific, we are looking into booking our first vacation to a clothing optional resort and we have decided it will be HBR...any and all advise or suggestions are welcome.....We both assumed this would be a good time of year as she is cold natured and does not do well when the weather is chilly. I have read that cover-ups are acceptable and not looked down upon here in the evenings.. We will probably book through the resort along with their private transfers to and from the airport as they seem to be the same price or lower then travel agencies online. ANY advise you have is appreciated.

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    We went in early March was a little cool at night mid to upper 60's. So yes covering up is acceptable. You will need to when you go next door to dine anyway. It is very casual as far as clothes are concerned. I would recommend doing the private transportation. One time we went we took the van and it took almost 2 hours. However, the last time there was only one other couple and we made it from the airport to HBR in an hour. I'm sending you a private message, check the upper right of the banner.

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