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Thread: Middle age first timers

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    Middle age first timers

    Wife and I are going to Hedo in June. First time going to any type of adult resort. We open to the my wife "swinging" but not myself, if the right opportunity presents itself. In any case excited to be going!!

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    Welcome to Hedo in June where there are some great groups going.

    Be sure to check the posts on tips for 1st timers and continue to gather information until June.

    It will be exciting but go slow and when in doubt, take the reasonable route and ask before acting.

    Enjoy the anticipation of the trip also.

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    Thank you for the reply and advice. This is my wife's idea to go. I was surprised and excited that she wanted to go. Actually, we were all about going to Desire RM, but after reading more we thought Hedo would be a little more fun.

    Again, thanks for the advice.

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