Took a short trip to celebrate my wifes birthday and enjoy paridise. And we did.

Flight down was uneventful. However I will remind you if you have a connecting flight leave plenty of time. Our first choice of connecting flight left us 45 minutes between flights. We were delaye leaving 30 minutes on the first leg/ Luckily we chose a flight that left a hour and fourty-five minutes later or this report would be much different. There would have been no way we would have made the original connecting flight.

Transportation, this time was through AMSTAR. Smaller vans, so there was only one stop between airport and HBR both ways. Trip only took slightly over an hour. So it was almost like private transportation. Just wished I had grapped a beer before getting into the van.

HBR, check in was a breeze. America was wonderful and took care of our every need while we were there. The room, we were in our room within 10 minutes of arrival to HBR. Room was spotless, comfortable, and just like the pictures. We actuall had the same room as the last trip. I guess with only 42 rooms and 18 swim ups (which we had) your odds of getting the same room again are pretty good.

The wife went to freshen up, I went and got drinks and sat down on our patio. When she came out the only thing I had on was a smile. She laughed as I handed her her drink and said "I guess the vacation has finally begun."

Service, Impeccable. They seem to know what you wanted before you did. About the time you realized you wanted something, it was there. We have never had service so good. The room was kept clean and turn down service was nice. The mini bar was restocked daily as was the numerous bottles of water in the room.

Food, while they claim to have gourmet food I would not go quite that far. It was fresh and of good quality. Don't get me wrong it was very good. I'm a bit of a foodie so it did not meet my definition of gourmet. For hotel food it was very good and plentiful. I do not want to seem critical, because we were pleased wit the food. Just questioning the use of gourmet. The only real Negative was on Wed. night. They had a special meal at the Moonlight Lounge. It was rainning buckets. The roof leaked, well it barely kept the rain out. It was running into the food, on the tables and chairs, and on the band. It was so bad half the people left. We got our food before the serious leaking began but did not go for desert becuse it ws all soggy. It dripped on us the entire meal, and one couple usd their umbrella the entire meal. We made the best of it because the wine was flowing.

Guest, I guess the average age was between 55-60 while we were there. The croud was mostly US and Canadians, with a lot of Europeans. Wonderful intellegent conversation the entire time we were there. Could not ask for better people to vacation with.

Conclusion, I will not argue with the critics. There is no nightlife, the beach is not made of powdery white sand, and you can not swim in the sea. But if you want a stress free, every need taken care of, completely relaxing vacation. This is the place. We have traveled all over the world and this is the only place we've come back to. We are already planning our next trip in Feb.