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Thread: Newbies At Pearl 5/23-5/28/13

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    Newbies At Pearl 5/23-5/28/13

    Male half reporting. We were newbies making our first trip to Pearl (or any clothing optional/lifestyle friendly resort) May 23 – 28, 2013. We almost had to postpone the trip due to an illness in my wife’s family. Prior to departing, my wife had been out of the country on business for two weeks, followed by returning home for less than 24 hours and heading out again on another business trip (one she was not supposed to schedule so she would have more time to recover from being out of the country) for 4 days on the west coast. I, myself, had been traveling almost non-stop for work for the last month. She actually had to return a day early from the west coast due to the illness in her family and go straight to her home town. Fortunately, things took a dramatic turn for the better in that regard and it allowed us, with some gentle coaxing from me, to go on the trip. She informed me we were still going by coming into the bathroom while I was showering and saying, “I’ll go on the trip but I don’t want to go, I won’t take my clothes off, and I’ll never go again.” Well, ok then……. But I decided to rely on the feedback from numerous others on this site who said their spouse was reluctant to go but ended up loving the experience……

    The Trip to Pearl and Check-In

    Flights were good and on time. We connected through Dallas to Cancun, leaving at 6 a.m. and arriving in Cancun at noon. Customs was a little slow but went just fine. We booked through Dream Pleasure Tours and they were very helpful. Our transfer was included in our booking and we had no trouble finding our private transport and the trip to Pearl was uneventful. The woman who checked us in was very nice and very encouraging to my wife with respect to enjoying the vibe of Pearl. She suggested the couples’ sensual massage with a happy ending but my wife wasn’t buying that yet. We were escorted to our room, Master Suite #81 on the second floor at the far end of the resort overlooking the beach and the quiet end of the pool. Great room. Certainly no complaints there. I had requested the quiet end since I thought my wife would prefer that with this being our first trip. I don’t think she was ready for the potential noise and sites of a room overlooking the hot tub.

    The Pool Experience

    Each day we got lounge chairs at the quiet end of the pool and operated from there. I, of course, got naked immediately. My wife was reluctant but even the first day went topless. Clearly things were looking up! It did not take long to get used to being naked, or partially naked in the case of my wife, nor did it take long to get used to everyone else being naked or topless. It was extremely helpful that everyone was so friendly. It was fairly easy to identify people in the lifestyle vs. those who were not once you talked to folks for a bit. No one was pushy. No one cared that we weren’t in the lifestyle. People with experience at places like Pearl and in the lifestyle were very free with sharing information and answering questions. I think my wife was actually fascinated by all she learned. Most importantly, in addition to being friendly, everyone was fun! It turned out to be very helpful that we had joined the May 2013 Yahoo Group so we recognized several couples and several couples recognized us. We loved having the swim up bar at the pool. It was nice to not have to get out of the pool to get drinks and it made meeting people and having conversations very easy. Long story short, my wife was naked in the ocean, the pool, and the hot tub by the second or third day. One day, I believe Saturday afternoon, they did a Foam Party at the pool which went over very well. Also, we thought the music selections at the pool were very appropriate for the crowd, unlike what has been reported in the past by others so it appears the resort is learning from feedback. I would provide kudos for the pool staff. We thought they did a nice job with the entertainment and getting people involved without being pushy. Beach and pool volleyball were very popular. My wife did morning yoga twice. We did water exercise on one of the days. Great exercise that included some minor sexy activity. Great fun and it did result in my wife kissing another woman, lol. She was a great sport. Javier (?) did a great job with that.

    The Hot Tub

    We went to the hot tub 3 or 4 late afternoons. It was very relaxing and very social. There was PDA on the beds on several occasions. You could watch…or not. Again, very eye opening for my wife. We only made it there after the disco on one or two evenings. I’d have liked to have gone more late in the evening but events didn’t allow that so we missed out on trying PDA on the beds by the hot tub. We’ll save that for next time if my wife is more comfortable. I wasn’t pushing that but was certainly willing!

    The Disco

    We came prepared for the theme nights. Prior to going into the disco each night people gathered in the lobby and at the lobby bar. There was typically a band providing entertainment with people dancing. The first theme night was XS. I wore Tommy B slacks and shirt while my wife wore a very sexy, sheer dress she would never wear at home. The second night was Sinners night. My wife wore a very sexy red sheer dress and I wore black Tommy B slacks and shirt. The third night was confusing as to the theme. Normally, it was Latin Night (animal print) but the website said that for Memorial Day Weekend it was Army/Navy Night so after dinner we changed into camo (boxers for me and lingerie for my wife) as did a few others. Yet others were in animal print. It was all good. The next night was Sexy Angels Night (or something like that). I wore white Tommy B slacks and shirt and my wife wore a very sexy white sheer dress (again, one she would never wear at home). Actually, she wore that to dinner. She was exhausted and didn’t make it to the disco, lol. The final night was Neon Night and I wore another set of Tommy B slacks and shirt. My wife, again, didn’t make it to the disco for reasons I’ll explain later. The disco entertainment was good. One night was a cirque du soleil type show. Another was a female and male stripper. Another was Latin dancers. Another was essentially a contest for the females to be sexy/dance/strip. And the last night was a similar evening with male guests performing. The winning male was quite entertaining as he might have been the oldest gentleman at the resort (or close) but he came prepared and the ladies really enjoyed his strip show as he removed his shirt, his pants, a pair of briefs, a smaller pair of briefs, and a smaller pair of briefs, lol. The disco music could have been better but that could be my opinion since I’m 54 and my wife is 53. A little Pitbull goes a long ways. People did dance. The playroom was used by several couples that I’m aware of. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to convince my wife to use it on this trip. One step at a time! On a side note, the women, of course, did a better job of dressing to theme than the men. I thought the men did a decent job of at least “dressing up” although there were a few guys in cargo shorts/jeans/t-shirts. I can’t speak for other couples and to each his own, but my wife would not have coordinated with the themes if I hadn’t at least dressed nicely.


    We ate at dinner at Pearl twice. Actually, my wife only ate there once as the second night she had a drink but was just too tired from traveling and went to bed. I thought the food there was good. I appreciated the small portions so you could have each course and not feel stuffed afterwards. It was a little too cold in the restaurant for my wife. We ate breakfast and lunch at Aphrodite each day. For breakfast I recommend the omelets. I ate dinner at Aphrodite on 3 nights and my wife did as well on 2 nights. If I had any issue with the food, it was that they seemed to chronically undercook meat. The filet mignon was the one course they seemed to get right. Getting them to cook the fish or hamburgers enough was a challenge. I almost wanted to take over the grill.

    The Town

    We walked into town (Puerto Morelos) twice. Once just the two of us and once with two other very nice couples we’d met. The first time we shopped for string bikini bottoms for those times she wasn’t completely naked (as you can tell we made progress the longer we were there!). We weren’t able to find quite what she was looking for but I certainly appreciated the thought. The second time we walked in with two other couples we’d met at the resort. On that trip we went to a seaside bar with an ocean view and had a couple beers and then a little shopping for souvenirs. One warning is that the walk is a little longer than I recalled from comments in this forum. Certainly doable but not quite as short as I’d expected.

    Workout Facility

    The first 3 days we worked out in our room using workout DVDs. We used the workout facility on the 4th day and I also used it on the 5th. Not fancy but it has what you need to get a good work out.

    The Beach/Ocean

    The beach seemed to have plenty of loungers. I believe the beds were reserved for those with penthouse suites. Some people spent most of the day on the beach; some spent most of the day by or in the pool. It is very rocky when you initially head into the ocean so be forewarned. Once you get past that, the ocean is great. That’s where I first got my wife totally naked. It is also where we had our first discreet yet fun PDA in the middle of the day. I suspect there were some who knew what we were doing but we didn’t flaunt it and certainly enjoyed ourselves. Plus, it really loosened things up for my wife.

    The People

    Without question, the highlight of the trip for both of us. As I said previously, everyone was extremely friendly regardless of whether they were in the lifestyle or simply enjoyed the sexy vibe with each other and being naked. I’d particularly like to thank everyone that talked to my wife and made her comfortable and helped stretch her boundaries. One group we met traveled to places like Pearl together, as well as other locations. They were kind enough to invite us to dinner with their group along with another couple that was new to the resort. We had a great dinner at Aphrodite and that group was great fun. I was sorry to see them leave a few days before our departure. We did, however, connect with the other new couple and they, in turn, introduced us to another couple. The six of us dined together, went to town together, and enjoyed getting to know each other (not in the lifestyle way, lol). I’d certainly like to thank the group that invited us to dinner that night for giving rave reviews to the sensual couples massage with a happy ending. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my wife was really, really interested based on the feedback 2 or 3 of the women provided her on that particular massage option.

    Couples Sensual Massage

    As just noted, this was recommended to my wife by a few of the women we met. Their description of their experience, coupled with comments from the male half of these couples, led my wife to suggest that we get one. Now my wife has been suggesting for years that we get a “normal” couples' massage but I’ve never been into massages. Suffice it to say I was stunned when she suggested this since the descriptions we’d been provided were pretty specific. Remember, this is the woman who said she’d go to Pearl, but she didn’t want to, she wouldn’t take her clothes off, and she’d never go back, lol. Now she was standing naked in the pool with me and others, not long after having sex in the ocean with me, suggesting a sensual massage with a happy ending. Needless to say I agreed to schedule the massage for the next day. We did have a few decisions to make. First, did we want two females to do the massage or a male for my wife and a female for me? My wife said to surprise her. I decided, based on the feedback from the females that had done this to go with two females. A couple of them indicated that the females they had just seemed to know how to touch them and it drove them wild. I sensed that my wife wanted to try a female but just didn’t want to say it out loud. Second, we had to decide if we wanted the massage only for $275 or also wanted private time in the spa afterwards with wine, fruit, and rose petals for $280 (before tip). I decided to splurge for the extra $5, lol. Finally, we had to decide if we wanted them to stay after they put us together or leave us alone for the happy ending. We decided to have them stay. I have to say, that while expensive, the experience was very well worth it. The touching and breath of the female masseuse was outstanding for both of us as was the hot oil. The happy ending with both females continuing to “massage” my wife while we completed the experience was tremendous. We then thoroughly enjoyed the spa taking advantage of my wife’s waterproof lipstick vibrator for another happy ending for her in the hot tub.

    The Bad

    As I alluded to earlier, we had gone into town on our next to last day with two other couples. We were having a great time drinking Corona at an outdoor bar overlooking the beach and ocean when the waitress was kind enough to give us chips and dip. No problem. She was then kind enough to provide us with Pico De Gallo with some avocado on top. My wife was the only one to eat the avocado. In hindsight, we shouldn’t have eaten anything at this establishment and just stuck to beer out of the bottle. Unfortunately, before my wife had finished her second beer, she started to feel sick. She didn’t say anything until after we’d gone shopping for a while and were then almost back to the resort. She barely made it back to the room and then became VERY sick. As a result she basically remained in bed (when she wasn’t in the bathroom) all afternoon, evening, and the next morning until our departure at noon. She really didn’t even want me around so when I wasn’t with her I was the “creepy single guy” and certainly appreciated that the two couples we’d gone to town with were more than happy to have me go to dinner with them and also attend the entertainment portion of the disco theme night with them. Needless to say, I didn’t go solo to the hot tub after the disco. My wife did feel a little better the next morning but the trip home was tough and it wasn’t the way we wanted the trip to end given how much fun we were having. It took her about 3 days at home to fully recover. I do want to be clear that we do NOT believe my wife getting sick had anything to do with any food/water at the resort.


    Pearl is the perfect place for first timers for this type of experience. Based on the number of repeat visitors that were there, it is also the perfect place for those who like to make this type of trip frequently. There were several couples that had been to both RM and Pearl. It varied as to which they preferred and I really think the key is the other couples that happen to be there when you visit. I do think, for us, going when it was not a takeover was a wise move for our first visit. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that we brought plenty of $1 bills and a few $5 bills for tipping. I would recommend that as well. We didn’t try everything I hoped we’d try (no playroom and no PDA on the beds by the hot tub) but my wife did get completely naked for much of the trip, we had discreet PDA in the ocean, we took advantage of our balcony at night (does that count as PDA?), and we experienced the sensual massage with a happy ending including two very cute young females “massaging” my wife until we’d “concluded” (something I never thought we’d do let alone having my wife suggest it. Does that count as PDA, lol?). It was fun seeing my wife dress so sexy in public for the first time and I think she enjoyed it. The people were great and we made some good friends. We’d be happy to visit Pearl again when some of them were also planning to be there (actually, given how things ended with my wife getting sick I haven’t specifically brought up going back. I’ll wait for a more opportune time. I’m reasonably confident my wife would have suggested it had the trip ended differently). If we go back, you can be sure we won’t eat any food in town. We’ll stick to Corona. We’ll also be sure that we aren’t heading to Pearl immediately after being on extended road trips related to work and instead have time at home to relax, get ready, and get in the right frame of mind. Naturally, we would hope we don’t have any family emergencies immediately prior to leaving as well. I’m very confident the trip would have been even better and my wife’s mindset going in much better if she’d had some down time prior to leaving for Pearl. As it was, she was very rushed and very stressed when we left. While she was somewhat anxious about the trip when we talked it through and agreed to schedule it, she was also very willing to go when we booked. One thing that did help relax my wife once we were there, in addition to people simply being so friendly, was the fact that there was a wide variety of ages (30s to 70s?) and a wide variety of body types (I think my wife was convinced that every woman there was going to be a Victoria’s Secrets model in her 20s). Everyone was beautiful in their own way and no one was judgmental at all.

    If you have any questions, just let me know. I’d be happy to respond.

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    Very well written and informative trip report.Thanks for posting it!

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    Nice report. Sorry to hear about your wife.

    As you found out, it's all about the folks you meet. That's what makes these places so great. And these places can change one's perception/attitude in only a few hours

    We found Pearl really nice - awesome hot tub. Wish they would have offered those massages when we went! They had just taken over as Desire and the massages were pretty plain, still the old staff/services from Ceiba.
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    Thanks, gsml. The massage was a definite highlight. Next time I'll get a male for my wife and female for me. That should provide incentive for her to go back!

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    Great info/description of the resort!!

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