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Thread: Clues that someone wants to play?

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    We had women of the couple come up to us first. It seemed like they would start the conversations then the hubby would come over. Single guys would just try to make small talk and see if we wanted to chat. Every one was very nice and didn't get to aggressive.

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    Look For The Ha

    My wife gets a hat indicating what she’s looking for that trip. She seems to be successful.

    Cafe Express will make a hat with whatever you want.
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    All these tips are great advice, speaking as a couple that's new to this, its nice to know that I'm not the only husband that's totally clueless to picking up on signals.

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    Good info. As first timer going in June we are looking to try new things and do not want any hurt feelings on either side.

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    We are fairly new to the LS, about a year now. So, we might come across as shy or reserved. But with all three of our experiences, the couples approached us. Once the initial introductions were given, we let down any guard and just became our normal friendly selves.
    All three of the couples said they were hesitant to approach us at first, but were so glad they did. We are so happy they did too.
    I think because we are still new to the LS, we arenít secure enough to approach others yet and we are still learning about ourselves. Iím not saying we are easy, but if you approach us we are very likely to have a few drinks and see how the chemistry evolves.
    I have a feeling this is pretty normal for newbies. I wonder if veterans of the LS know this and realize newbies are more likely to play to gain experience and less likely to say no?
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    Common sense always prevail.

    Not pushy
    Don't touch before you ask
    You might chat with a couple that is totally wants to be friends and not want to have sex…
    You might chat with a couple who wish to have sex but cannot bring themselves to talk about it.
    The worst is two newbie couple that meet where neither want to make the first move!

    Honestly if you find a great connection and everyone seem to enjoy each others company, bring it up…
    Ask, are you in the lifestyle?
    Depending on the answer you can say we're asking because we like you two.
    The worst you get is no we're not in the lifestyle and the elephant is no longer in the room…. Most people will not dump you right then and now, but some more hardcore lifestyle couple will if they are mostly there to hook up.
    We've been in a situation where we met these people all four got along great but no one did the first move, we all went home to find out the next day that both couple were waiting for the other couple to make the first move LOL
    We've seen out going ladies and we've seen outgoing men… whoever is able to bring that up in a conversation should be it…
    If you see what you like go for it… the worst is a big fat NO… but no arm done…

    We just came back from Hedo and we met a couple that we would have gladly get naked with but knwoingly did not make the move to preserve the friendship which became more important to us. Maybe one day we will get naked with them but maybe not, either way we found great friends. We also met a couple that we've known for a while and would gladly get naked with, but ran out of time on our holiday to ask all the questions… but hopefully next time we can!

    Do not touch before you ask! Bad idea!!

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