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    Jamaica Tours Limited

    Can anyone tell me if this transfer bus to Hedo2 is ok to use my travel agent set it up for me

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    No worries mon. JTL is one of the main shuttle transportation companies. You shouldn't have any problems. Don't forget to grab a couple Red Stripes for the ride and tip your driver.

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    Yup, JTL is one of the largest transportation companies on the island. No worries there!

    Quote Originally Posted by satm View Post
    Can anyone tell me if this transfer bus to Hedo2 is ok to use my travel agent set it up for me

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    As the others said , you are good ! Just look for the desk when you get thru customs at the airport. Just curios , how much were you charged for a roundtrip ?

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    Thanks for info. going to resort march 16 thru 24 transfers were free but a first was billed 80.00 for me and the wife been going to hedo2 for 6 or 7 years ya mon

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    We had a very different experience with JTL. We arrived just before 1:00 on Sat (09/28) and were thrilled to be off the plane, thru customs with our bags, checked in at JTL desk and out the door by 1:25! We were taken across the lot to a waiting bus with 3 other couples already there and were told the bus was ready to leave. After a few minutes, the driver (Smitty) was told to wait for additional passengers and, after an additional 25 minutes, we were finally on our way. Just off of the airport property, he started giving a "tour" of everything we seemed to go by. At first, we thought this might be fun, but when he would actually stop in the middle of the road for us to look to one side or the other with cars/buses passing us, we knew we were in for a LONG ride After TWO stops and him saying things that made a lot of us uncomfortable (i.e., he works very long hours with little pay, we were a bunch of rich tourists, etc.), we were very glad to finally get "home" 2.5 hours after leaving the airport with NO traffic! We've made this trip in less than 1.5 hours every time and were very glad to get off that bus. For the return, our flight was not until 3:00, yet they wanted to pick us up at 10:25! We were there and ready (begrudgingly) by 10:20, but, by 10:30 and no bus, concerned. We had Lorna call them and she was told that they had already been there to pick us up and that we weren't there to which, after consulting with front desk and security, she confirmed and related back to them that they had not had a bus on property all morning! Just before 11, a bus - driven by "RedBull" - did show up and got us back to the airport in regular time. We will definitely do everything we can to avoid dealing with JTL in the future!
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    The only problem I know of with JTL is they will stop at multiple stops.
    I believe the one called Sun Holidays does non stop right to your resort, give them a try.
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    Silly me put this response on the wrong thread ... Yes I moved it

    I got a sneaky suspicion that the driver get's a commission from the locals when he stops.

    I have also scored weed from the driver (not sure what company so don't go crazy on JTL) but he did his bargaining at the road stop then made a pull over to score close to the resort.

    Being a bus driver doesn't mean you can't make money other ways.


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    We just had a good experience with JTL. It was included with our Westjet Vacations package so we decided to just go with them and everything was fine. On arrival we waited about twenty minutes for the bus to fill up and even with stops at three other resorts it was still only 1.5 hours to Hedo from the time we left the airport. On our return trip to the airport yesterday they only stopped at one other resort and the trip was about an hour and 15 mins. Would definitely use them again.

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