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Thread: Recent travelers UPDATE please

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    Recent travelers UPDATE please

    Hey All,

    I have recently heard of the potential troubles from H2 and we are seriously thinking of joining the Sexy Bare Bottoms Club in March 2013 here at Caliente Caribe, So we would like some up to date posts - trip reports - the goods . We love the party, we like to smoke lefties, we love great drink and we love naked people. So I have heard this place is a bit lame but have heard good things about age group with the SBBC - so anyone who can help us make a decision that isnt financially involved please give us a shout. We love all of your opinions good and bad. Cheers T n J

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    Did you go in March? We are looking for somewhere different to go and are thinking about Caliente!

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    You have heard of all the positives happening at H2, if you love it there already and know it is only getting better, stick to it. You know in your heart that no place on earth is going to replace or compare to the Hedo atmosphere!!!
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    I hope you were misinformed. It's been all the positive input lately that made me decide to go to Hedo again rather than Desire (and a good travel deal). I've not been to many other resorts, but I think it's still true that there is no other place quite like Hedo.

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    Their last post was Jan 2013. Maybe they stayed, lol.
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