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Thread: Looking to take a vacation

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    Looking to take a vacation

    Hello everyone. We are considering a trip to Hedo in mid-August (2012) to celebrate. Been reading & have enjoyed all of the information available. We have visited local clubs and always have a good time. Super excited to take a vacation. Can anyone recommend a good length for our first trip to Hedo? Typically our all inclusive vacay's have been 6-10 days but I tend to get bored at the end (although these were family friendly resorts we were at) Looking forward to adding our trip report once we return. Thanks!

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    Nothing sadder than the cries of someone who decides to play it safe and book for 3 or 4 nights for their first trip when they realize their mistake!
    We have never gone for less than 7 days. Our longest trip was 13 and honestly we did not get bored but we did get burnt out- we don't pace ourselves well!
    We have kind of come to a 10 day stay as a good balance for us. Now, that said, we cohost a group and go 3 days before our group arrives to get a little partying in and do a little work before any semblance of responsibility begins.
    We find that within that 10 day period we are able to take a couple days to relax and take a few days to go big and some regular days as well. Since we are with a group of about 100 people or so we never fail to find people who are at anyone of the three parts of that spectrum and it works well for us.
    I would say for a first trip 7 nights is a good length, but I don't know you guys so that's just a guess.
    There are many threads on here about going with a group or not going with a group. I always recommend for a first trip someone pick a group going when you are and try to hookup with them- it does help to know some people before you go there.
    Go read the trip reports, there is a wealth of information to be found there and it may help you guide your decision on when to go and for how long.
    Good luck- worst case? Book it, go, party your asses off.
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    Hi there JS cple

    We've never gone for less than 10 days. We too have gone (and still do go) to all inclusive's not in the nudist realm , and around the 10th day starting thinking of home.
    This however, has never happened at Hedo. From day one we have always had a great time, and never thought the time frame too long or too short. However, your milage may vary.

    Yes, do as Nickand Kitty say, and find a group. We did, on trip one, and it helped immensely. We don't go with that group anymore (just a vibe thing, no other problems), but still over lap with them as we moved our visits to a few weeks early. The advantage was they gave us a sense of security, and lots of insite, as to what to expect (we are not swingers, lifestylers, or till our first trip, nudists). So going to a resort like this was way over the top for us.

    Biggest regret we have; we didn't find this place 20 years earlier. We are now up to 17 day trips, we pace ourselves, and have fun with multiple groups.

    By and large the majority of people go for about seven days, and often more than once a year.
    For us west coasters the 20 hour journey one way, means we make few trips, and stay longer.
    Our TA was surprised when we asked for 14 days on trip one, thinking that beginners should try 7 days first.

    Trip number one was 14 days
    Trip number two was 10 days
    Trip number three was 11 days
    and trip number 4 was 17 days

    Planning on 17 days for the next trip.

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    magjoy and I have never gone for less than 10 days, and just finished up our longest trip at 17 days. My main thought on this topic is that on Fri/Sat (mostly Sat) there's a huge turnover in the population, as most people are there for a week, and usually Sat-Sat. This can mean that you're "starting your vacation over again" by meeting new folks, etc. Depending on the type of person you are, that might either be reinvigorating or exhausting. Also, if you're leaving on a Wed, meeting people on Sat/Sun means only a few days with them.

    All that being said, if you, for example, came in on a Wed and left on a Sat, you'd meet some cool folks, get the hang of things, and then when the new group turned over, you'd get to start over, not being as much a newbie. Then when they go, you go. It might make for a clean break without getting bored, since you're front-loading your trip with the "hard" part of Hedo.

    All that said, I wouldn't go for less than a week. We've met plenty of couples who have done 5 days or even less and they're never ready to go when they get their eviction notice.
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