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Thread: we are leaving a double sized float for everyone "James and Shannon" June 23-30

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    we are leaving a double sized float for everyone "James and Shannon" June 23-30

    I always love packing for hedo...I could put my clothes in a backpack; however, we have three suitcases and three carry on's LMAO... It's amazing how much room, shoes, costumes, 6 bottles of red wine, gifts for our Hedo friends, "toys", porn, all take up...3 suitcases and 3 carry on's later we are ready to go. We bought a double raft that we will be leaving at Hedo. please use it after we leave. It will say James and's big enough for at least four people ...we just want to hear some "raft" stories....we are leaving in 8 hours.

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    Hope you had an amazing trip.
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