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Thread: Caliente Trip Report- March 2012

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    Caliente Trip Report- March 2012

    This was probably one of our worst vacation experiences ever. We got there on a Friday and found check in to be unorganized and confusing. After 20 minutes they finally realized where we were staying. They had advertised a a big pool tournament and meet and greet for Fri so we went to the room and got ready. There were exactly 5 couples there so it was way over hyped and disappointing. Our dinner was average, beers were warm, and service in our opinion was slow and more interested in chatting than actually working. We did however find a good time at the karaoke bar where we spent the rest of the evening and paid for overpriced beer.

    On Sat we went to the pool where we met several lifestyle couples and had quite enjoyable day. It was a little disappointing to have to walk to the bar to get beers, only 2 servers for 75 to 100 people, but you do what you have to do. A lifestyle group was there so as day went along more people came. This group did have a party that night and we actually a single girl and couple that were quite enjoyable to say the least and we have to say Sat was wonderful.

    As far as Sun through Wed this place was a absolute ghost town! The pool area may have had 40 to 50 people Sun, but the rest of the week maybe 20 to 30, with 90% being nudists not lifestylers. Service was worse during the week because they run with a skeleton crew and we had the opportunity to sit through a sale pitch about the future of the property. Let me tell you, the future is bad! They are trying to sell timeshares based on the fact they are adding a swing club, but there isnt any proof that is ever going to happen. No plans to show, no proof of zoning permits, no stakes to show they are planning, nothing! It is a joke and unless you live close by or can do a Fri and Sat we do not recommend this place.

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    Sounds like you had an experience all right.The way to do Caliente Tampa is to go on the third weekend of
    the month when there is a "theme party" which is usually an AAHZ sponsored event.Those folks know how to
    party!Caliente Tampa is known to be dead Sun-Wed and business starts to pick up Thurs-Sat.
    It is mostly a straight nudist adult sort of facility except for when the lifestyle groups come in on the
    theme party weekends or other organized lifestyle events.They have an "events" section on their webpage
    so you can tell what is planned for when you can go.
    Our impression is that it is a very nice facility but you have to pick your time if you want to be there
    when there's lots of energetic people around.The impression I have is that it gets overcrowded on national
    holidays like 4th of July etc. so if you like it that way then that would be a plus for some folks.
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    It looks like they have a theme party every Saturday night now do there is a group there every weekend. We will be there for their Cinco de Mayo party and will make sure to post a trip report.

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    We do live fairly close to Caliente and used to go there every weekend throughout the winter when the snow birds are all there, however, the past couple of times we have gone (nights only) it has been quiet and the drinks have gone up to the point where it's better to leave your drinks in the car and visit the car lot for a drink then re enter the club. It was 20 dollars for a vodka and coke and one beer. Management seem to think that it's ok to over charge for normally cheap drinks. As for service, it's always slow and bad.... The piano bar is the fastest way to be served and it's always been that way. In my opinion the food is sub standard and over priced, Their "Chef" is nothing but a burger cook and the few times I have eaten there I have been very disappointed. Eye's wide shut in Tampa is the lifestyle club and worth the drive even if it's just to look. I can't see Caliente doing well with this new management.

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