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Thread: Desire Pearl 07 to 09AUG12 and Desire Mayan Riviera 09 to 18AUG12

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    Desire Pearl 07 to 09AUG12 and Desire Mayan Riviera 09 to 18AUG12

    We are an experienced Lifestyle couple from Toronto. We will be trying out Desire Pearl for the first time for 2 nights 07-09AUG12 and then moving over to Desire Mayan Riviera (for the ump-teenth time) from 09-18AUG12. Is anybody else going to be there on these dates? If so, drop us a line. If we are like-minded and compatible, it would be nice to chat beforehand. We are a young 56 and 43, 6'4" and 5'8" - he is very fit, she is curvy but height/weight proportionate. Both laid back, sexy, fun loving and zero drama - hoping to meet same.

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    Hi, we are both new here...we are looking to go to Desire Pearl in Nov/Dec and were wondering how your trip went? Being new to this lifestyle, can you give us any tips?

    We seem to be similar - open-minded, fun loving, late 40s and very fit, and would love to meet same.


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    Hello all, wife and I are headed to Desire Pearl 8/1-8/5. Been to Desire MR and Cabo but first trip to Pearl. Anyone going or give feedback on Pearl's Resort?

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