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Thread: Adults Only Cruises, what should we bring?

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    Adults Only Cruises, what should we bring?

    Any tips or advice on things to bring on a takeover cruise? We're going on our first (Brilliance of the Seas, April 2013) and were wondering if you experienced takeover cruisers had any advice for us newbies.

    We've vanilla cruised before so we're looking for takeover cruise advice.



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    Same here. The April 2013 Brilliance is gonna be our very first. We're newbies.

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    I guess it all depends on what you do and do not want to participate in.
    We JUST finished our FIRST Lifestyle Cruise (& 1st Cruise) ever on the Freedom of the Seas Nov.11-18, 2012.
    It's amazing how much luggage one takes for a "Tropical" vacation!!
    We took clothes for both the dinner wear and theme nights for every night, along with regular bathing suits and clothes of course. And of course Mrs.C had to have shoes/boots to go with everything. We're glad we did. Just made it a lot more fun to be in theme with MOST of the other ppl on our ship. And then of course for the play rooms you don't need to pack much for that!! .
    Enjoy and have fun meeting great ppl!! We already booked nother Lifestyle cruise!!

    Hedo: April 13-20, 2012
    Freedom of the Seas: November 11-18, 2012
    Celebrity from LAX Cruise: May 3-10, 2014
    Bliss Cruise: Nov 29- Dec 6, 2015
    MSC Divina: April 16-23, 2016
    Pre-Cruise Party, April 2, 2016
    Nawty in Nawlins, July 2017
    Independence of the Seas: Nov 11-18, 2018

    And VEGAS 1-2 times a Year!!

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    Pack more, wear less. Here's some tips and tricks. Normal cruise packing applies but there are a few other things you may not have thought about. Bring a magnetic white board (A4 size) to stick on your door for people to write messages. Get business cards made up with your website handles and room number and photo. Don't be afraid to hand them out, you may not see them again for the whole week, it's a big ship. Decorate your door, maybe put a picture of yourselves on it. Bring sheer material to soften the lights in your room. Make sure you have an adequate supply of lube and condoms (latex and non). No, you have not packed too many shoes. I'm sure i'll think of more later......

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