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Thread: Looking for the Best Cruiseline for,me and my Naughty GF

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    Looking for the Best Cruiseline for,me and my Naughty GF

    I was thinking a 3 day Carnival Cruise. I don't want to wait and plan for a "swingers" cruise. So I'm hoping that "singles" cruise may work. She is 34 I am 49. I just want to know the best cruise/boat to find trouble when we want it. Hunky single guys, open minded couples, etc. Any suggestions would be helpful. Probably going April/May. I live in Boston, so we want to cruise out of FL.

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    We have been in the same "boat" so to speak. We are a youngish couple (under 40) but have been on many cruises and many cruise lines (we take about 2 cruises a year). I can tell you they are all hit and miss but we have had the most adult fun on Carnival, followed by NCL, followed by Princess, followed by RCL. The cruise port also matters. Miami seems to be pretty good as is New Orleans. Baltimore, Galveston not so good. The best strategy is to be in the "fun" areas like pool, hot tub, bars, dance clubs (obvious I know). We can usually find someone who is in the lifestyle although they arent always our type of people. I wish there was a better way to meet ahead of time without having an entire ship dedicated to the lifestyle. Half the fun for us is being naughty amoung all the conservative couples.

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    I don't know if you're interested but there is a swinger cruise in late April to the Galapagos.

    Otherwise, we always have the most fun on Carnival Cruises.
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    We are Leaving out of Tampa on the 24th of june...I agree with the posts above, half the fun is meeting in publc around regular couples. But it is hard to meet up.

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    HI. Let me know what suggestions you get. I am also interested in taking a similar cruise and maybe I'll be there as well!

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    You won't find any "true" singles cruises. You may find a group that has group space that they are marketing to singles. I think your best bet for a lively crowd would be Carnival. If you are looking to meet people, you might try joining one of the lifestyle sites and post there that you will be on a certain cruise and what you are looking for.
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