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Thread: List of Nude Cruise Adults Only Cruises

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    List of Nude Cruise Adults Only Cruises

    I like a list of Nude Cruises that are adults only?

    For some of you who been on them, did you enjoy more then a land resort?

    What are the companies and links that offer such a type of trip?

    Would they be ok for an individual traveller?


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    Well, the list of Couples Cruises can be found on our signature below. Although they do not allow individual travelers, they do allow a third person to come along with a couple for an additional fee.

    Hope this helps!
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    Actually, Desire is not starting a cruise company, they are just promoting the cruises of Luxury Lifestyles which was already being promoted for over a year.

    It's kinda like our Couples Cruise brand, we have many Travel Agents selling them and some even call it their cruise (something we are trying to make sure doesn't happen) but they are still really a Couples Cruise.

    Here is a list of Charter Companies:

    Couples Cruise: By far the largest, with 6 full ship cruises currently booked with a range of 2,090 - 3,860 people on board each ship.

    Luxury Lifestyles: They are chartering Azamara Ships with 700 people on board for Mediterranean cruises. They currently have 2 ships chartered.

    SDC: They are chartering Azamara Ships with 700 people on board for Mediterranean cruises. They currently have 2 ships chartered.

    Shoes Only Travel: They specialize in small, boutique cruises with 90-332 passengers. They currently have 4 cruises chartered.

    Bare Necessities: This company specializes in "Nude Cruises". Any swinging activity (or even talk for that matter) is frowned upon and could get you ejected from the ship.

    That's it (although, that is quite a lot, actually). Anyone else that is advertising cruises are just selling these cruises for the above charter companies. Without the Travel Agents, we would not be able to sell so many cruises. They handle a lot of the questions, booking, payments, etc... The larger Travel Agents host parties on board (many with open bars) and are a great help to us and their customers.

    I hope that clears up any confusion and gives you the list you were looking for.

    BTW, since Couples Cruise is so big, the Adult Travel Forum has been nice enough to give us our own Forum to discuss the upcoming cruises, make sure you go and check out those threads.

    Bob & Tess
    Couples Cruise
    Bob & Tess
    Couples Cruise

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