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Thread: May 15-22, 2011

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    Cool May 15-22, 2011

    ***~~ Caliente, Caribe Resort in Abreu, Dominican Republic ~~***

    We traveled from May 15-22. Most days there was some amount of rain fall but never enough to really ruin any of the days in full. I got plenty of sun. We flew in from Miami into Santa Domingo Airport since it was much cheaper than Puerto Plata. We had to pay for a $10 entrance visa before immigration. The airport was simple nothing out of the ordinary. You walked out from baggage claim and a driver was waiting with a Caliente Sign behind the aluminum barriers. We were offered a cold drink for the ride and asked if we needed to use the restroom because the trip is long and no where to stop. The trip on a Sunday took us 2.5 hours and we ran into no traffic or troubles. The scenery was very tropical and green. The driver was very safe and never got over 60mph. The roads were mostly in good conditions.

    Checking into the resort was a breeze and very quiet. They offered a tour right away. Our room was in the first hotel building room #106. The room was very large, king bed, chair, couch, end table, coffee table, small tv, ceiling fan, small refrigerator with bottle water and soda, with a walk out furnished patio. The bathroom was very roomy with a walk in shower. There is a dresser/make up center in the bathroom with a large mirror and wall mounted blow dryer. No alarm clock, radio or iron
    in the room. The beds are new and firm. For pricing factors/location the hotel rooms were very suitable for us vs. the villas.

    Lower Beach: No water sports. But awesome photo areas. We never got in the water. There is snorkeling available but the water was choppy. Very nice sand and water volleyball courts. Two shuffle board courts. Large nude pool and medium hot tub. There is a large Tiki bar where drinks, lunch, late snack bar, and luau dinner is served. Towels are available. No towel cards. The 4-hand massage is a must!! $90 for 60 minutes of pure pleasure.

    Upper Potion of Resort: includes a very nice large swim up pool and another hot tub(they were having troubles with controlling the temperature-it was cold). Breakfast and Dinners are served. Not a buffet. There is a small salad bar and fruit/juice bar available. Sitting is generally 4 toppers but also will accommodate for larger groups. You choose from 3-5 dinners and are not limited. Potions are reasonable if you want more just ask and they will serve it. Wine or drinks are offered at dinner. Food was pretty nice. Servers and staff is very friendly. Gym, spa, disco and gift shop are also in this area. The disco has a smaller dance area than the one at Hedo but it does have a pole in the middle of the floor instead of up on the stage. There are seats and tables to the side of it more like a regular bar. Off to the side is an area with couches and tables by were the bar service is.

    Entertainment: Not for sure since we traveled while there was a take-over at the resort and they brought in their own d.j. for the week. They had the disco closed most of the evening because of this. Colette was holding their grand opening during our stay. It is a swing club with multi play rooms both single or multi beds, bar, dance area, walk out patio looking over the cliffs, small hot tub, showers, and nice bathroom facilities. This was included in our stay. The shuttle they use for this club is the truck they use for the jeep tours.

    Our opinions:
    The Good: compared to Hedo, the rooms are huge. The food was better. And Colette was an added pleasure...he-he. This is something Hedo needs to add but can not because sex in public is not legal in Jamaica. The 4-hand Massage!! The late night snack bar is open til 3am.
    The Bad: the drink service was very slow and not very good. They claimed to have top shelf but not really. They need commercial blenders to keep up. The evenings seemed bland from dinner time transitioning to Colette,this may have been because we were eating earlier than we do at Hedo (7:30). There are 58 stairs separating the levels of upper and lower sections of the resort. Of course the 2.5 hours trip but think about Jamaica, you spend an hour in the airport then the 1.5 hours crazy road trip. The A/C in the gym and the disco need work. Bottle water and wines needs extra ice!

    Over all we truly hope this resort succeeds. It would be nice to have an alternative to Hedo or other resorts. At this time I would only recommend going during a group take over. During the lifestyle week we were there open play was allowed anywhere day or night at the lower area. It was a very relaxing vacation during the day,more like spending the day on the beach at hedo instead of spending it in the pool area. We stayed for 7 nights and had one connecting flight for $3700 for the two of us. Like Hedo, it is about the people you meet and we met a fantastic group of people right away. We had an awesome vacation.

    ~Thanks, Pamela and Brian

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    Great report! Thank you for taking the time to read it.

    Did you do anything outside the resort? Scuba diving, etc?

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    Thanks again for sharing the preview of your trip report!
    We are booked for Halloween week in October based in your trip report. It should help with the DIF until we get to Hedo II in Jan 2012
    If anyone is looking for a really good deal on Club Caribe just message us and we will share the details, we won't get any commission, but it an awesome deal

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    PM me the deal. Are you going with a group?
    Mike and Tina
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    I appreciated your report very much. We have been going to Hedo II for the the last 10 years and have also been to III. Want to try something different that still has the Hedo flavor. Thinking about going in March 3rd to the 10th. What would you say were the age groups best represented?
    Big Funster

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