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Thread: Awesome deal?

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    Awesome deal?

    We just got a call from the really nice salesperson from Caliente. Trixie Belden seems to be a really nice gal with a southin accent and she was a pleasure to talk to. They have some awesome deals... soo tempted. But it's our fault for signing up for the Caliente Caribe "contest".

    We are "hedo mild" but we enjoy a "sexually charged atmosphere" even if we don't swing, well we just think naughty thoughts. Don't worry we will be at Hedo Kama Sutra at Hedo II in January... just looking at a filler in between.:

    Sweet Trixie did have some really good pricing so we are intrigued to say the least.

    So Help! please help us out ATF people... any of you been to Caribe DR/Florida? Please share your experiences.

    Should we pay the 25% down for an all inclusive vacation at a stinking good price?

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    At Calinte Caribe Make sure you book erotic week in lieu of standard-- better chance of charged atmosphere

    Jon's Fluffernutters July 11-20, 2014
    Jon's Fluffernutters July 2013
    Jon's Fluffernutters July 2011
    Jon's Fluffernutters Feb 2010
    Jon's Fluffernutters Feb 2009
    Jon's Fluffernutters Feb 2008

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    Just got back from Caliente, LOVED the property ... great rooms, great food, great booze !
    Only problem? Only 16 of us there.
    Was definitely a nudist week, but they do have weeks that cater to Lifestylers as well.
    Great Place, such a shame that it doesn't sell better (probably because you have to book land and air separately) ... but hey, if interested, send me an email, I can get you a deal.

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