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Thread: Benefits of Travel Agent Membership

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    Benefits of Travel Agent Membership

    The new travel agent membership has the following benefits.

    1. A special graphic badge which will appear by your name in all forum posts, giving you a note of authority and letting the other forum members know you are a travel agent who can help them.

    2. The ability to have your name/business listed on our Travel Agent List.

    3. The ability to create and list travel groups, which will be listed on our travel groups page.

    4. The ability to post in the "Travel Deals & Sales" forum any advertisements you wish, these will be available in the forums but will ALSO be integrated into the main site.

    The cost of the subscription is $30 a month or $300 a year. Over 30,000 unique visitors visit this site a month, I'm unaware of a more popular site in this specific niche.

    Go here to sign up.

    In the future we will be stricter with enforcing forum rules with regards to advertisements and solicitations. Travel agents that try to advertise on the forums without obtaining the Travel Agent Membership may find their posting priviledges removed. It isn't fair to paying agents to let you promote for free.

    If you do not wish to pay via paypal, contact me about check payment options.
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    Signed up !
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    We signed up too

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    Hey Chris -
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    Hi Chris,
    We aren't a licensed travel agency but we are a licensed swingers club and we also sell all the travel through the affliate programs and we set up and run our own swinger weekend getaways and week long getaways. Can we sign up for this? Also we are trying to find out info about advertising and have sent an email twice on this site with no reply. Who/where can we chat with someone about paid advertising?

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