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Thread: Has anyone ever been to Mountain Creek Grove aka Pleasure Grove?

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    Has anyone ever been to Mountain Creek Grove aka Pleasure Grove?

    I found this place called Mountain Creek Grove Resort in north Georgia. It is just a few hours from us so I thought it might be a fun weekend trip. It is clothing optional and lifestyle friendly. We are not swingers but have experimented a little. We were wondering if anyone had been to this resort. Is it nice? What is the age range? Will we be out of place if we are not into full swap or any at all? Any help would be great.

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    was there the weekend of 1 oct 2010 and had a fantastic time. very open accepting. @ 12 couples in pool and hot ub latter in evening @10 of them active and sharing. multiple echanges the Charter house, or club 69 asit is now known, was nactive on SAT NIGHT. You should enjoy it.

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    Wife and I visited a couple of weeks ago. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. Members were enclosing the pavilion and hot tub for the winter. There were only a few "guest" the weekend we were there. My wife and I enjoy the feeling of being nude, but do not participate in "lifestyle" activities. Even though it seemed that most, if not all the guest were swingers, they were not pushy at all. We appreciate a facility that allows you to be nude with no children. We will return and would encourage anyone who enjoys being nude in the great outdoors without having anyone under 21.

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    Been here several times. I call it the Red neck Hedo. It can be as wild as Hedo, but its in the Woods. A bit rustic. No food, but what you bring with you. We've been there when it was pretty full, and when it was mostly empty. Still met fun people and liked it a lot. We prefer Paradise which is nearby, with one caveat. Paradise is a nudist camp, so children are brought there too. We've seen children in the adult pool, and that bothered us. So we stayed clear. The PDA's at Paradise are very restricted, but not impossible.
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