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Thread: for my first time what to bring

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    for my first time what to bring

    coming on 16 to 23 sept not sure what to bring mmmmm ( theme nights )???any help would be great thnxx.

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    Thursdat the 16th is toga night you can bting your own or make one out of sheets there.
    Friday is glitter, glam and bling or rock star night anything shiny, blinky, etc.
    Sat is fetish night, on your own on that one.
    Sunday is class reunion (school girl night)
    Monday os Jamaica night anything in Jamaican Colors
    Tuesday is PJ night, boxers, nighties for woman, etc
    Wed is Pimpers Paradise (Pimp + Ho) night
    Dont forget sunscreen
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    thanks guy that helped see you there cheers..

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    Remember you can wear anything to dinner any night. Wear what you wouldn't wear in the states. Wear what excites your partner and you can't go wrong

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    Its simple, nothing. Get nekid equals travelling light, no excess baggage, no baggage claim, no custom checks, there that was easy. But dont listen to us we normally fall foul of all of the no/no's. Go and enjoy.
    Lets get nekid with boots on

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    Hair and Tooth brushes............... that's it ! Oh and a large size sun-screen...

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    What to bring

    From what my wife saw little school girl/boy night was the big deal the week she was there. We always take extras for Toga night, stuff to make the sheets work better for me and she takes her own toga outfit. Jammie night is the only night I am in them any time of the year.

    Sex toy or three, lots of sun block, hat and large plastic insulated mug for water so you do not dehydrate.

    Then, one year we did run into a nice man who showed up with just his toothbrush. When eating was in a towel and left in the same clothing he arrived in.

    Enjoy your vacation your way.

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    Insulated mug,sunscreen and a huge smile!!!
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    It's a good idea to call your phone carrier and ensure that your phone is enabled for international calling... plus check out the charges!

    Also, I call my credit card company and notify them of when I will be out of the country. That way they don't put a hold on your card because they think your identity was stolen... causing you to call them to correct the problem at the high phone rates (see above phone note).

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