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Thread: Trip report Caliente Tampa July 2010

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    Would like to hear your opinions and facts on your visit this past weekend.

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    we have friends that say paradise lakes in lutz is a little bit more user friendly and (ALOT CHEAPER !) . they have a weekend deal we saw online $89.00 for the grounds fees and a room for satuurday and saturday night and check out sunday at 6 pm , anyone else ever been there ? its not to far from caliente maybe 30 mins or so .
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    We were invited to a party there one of the nights we were at Caliente.
    Ran into others who liked Paradise as well.

    Never know maybe we'll have to check it out too!

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    Well we went.... Had a great time, but not perfect. For starters, we wanted to do the "attend our sales pitch and get a free day pass" thingy. so We called the resort and asked if we needed some sort of reservation or appointment or something. The person I talked to said "Oh no, just come on down and we'll take care of you!"
    when we arrived, the person at the desk told us that whoever we spoke to on the phone never should have told us that, and as a matter of fact their appointments were all booked up for several weeks out. (unless we wanted to come on a weekday).

    We decided that since we were already there, we'd go ahead and pay the $100 daily use fee and try the place out.

    The physical grounds are VERY nice ! Much nicer than Hedo, and also quite a bit nicer (and much larger) than Paradise lakes (although we have decided that we like Paradise Lakes better) The restaurant food was comparatively expensive, but it was good. The drinks were no more expensive than any typical bar in this area.

    In the afternoon, there was a "live" band playing next to the pool. They were REALLY LAME !!! It's too bad, because they had the potential to be decent. It was a guy and his girlfriend, and all they did was play karaoke tracks and sing along to them while he strummed along on his guitar. They both had decent voices, and he was actually a pretty darn good guitarist, but... Really? Karaoke tracks? Sheesh!

    If they would just get rid of the karaoke tracks and simply played the guitar and sang it probably would have been pretty decent. However I think the resort would have saved some money by just plugging an mp3 player into the sound system and achieved the same effect. (boring background music that nobody was actually paying attention to)
    There was some lady from a swinger's website who was doing some sort of promotional giveaway during the afternoon too, but we really weren't paying much attention to her.

    Hmm.. This is turning into a total hijack of this thread... Perhaps I should cut it short and post my own trip report instead of muscling in on these fine people's thread......

    Suffice it to say, Caliente is a very nice, expensive place to visit. It doesn't have the overt sexual atmosphere of Hedo, but you certainly could see some "stuff" going on if you looked hard enough. It's definitely not a replacement for the Hedo atmosphere, but it's not terrible. I can see how if you stayed there for any length of time you would totally break the bank on meal purchases. (We had to laugh at the "no outside food or drinks" sign at the entry gate)

    I think I'll organize my thoughts and do a comparison between Caliente and Paradise Lakes and make it it's own thread...
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    we'll return to Caliente

    It's not Hedo but it's a convenient stateside destination. Do to the legal situation, there is not supposed to be "activity" in the pool or public areas, and at least in the daytime there isn't much. The resort pays at least lip service to traditional naturists, and is NOT 'adults only'. There is even a playground near the main pool. Family nudity is allowed but we saw only one nudist family one day of the 5 we were there. A lot of the on-site real estate is owned by more traditional nudists.

    If you are swap there are plenty of opportunities. If you are not, there is no pressure. The disco is sexy & hot on Thurs., Fri. and Sat. but dead other times. Ya gotta remember that this isn't primarily a "vacation" destination like Jamaica. Most of the clientele is made up of Members who are typically local commuters. Thus the action is hottest on the usual weekend nights, and Thursday night is some kind of local promo so the disco is busy.

    We rented a condo on site. There is free golf cart shuttle to the clubhouse but we normally took our own car. The motel rooms are only the minority of the on-site accomodations. As has been covered, for licensing and security everyone and everything has to pass through the clubhouse. It is understandable to me at least that they don't want non-payers nor outside liquor smuggled in through the motel rooms, that's why you can't go directly from the motel rooms to the pools area inside the fence, and why the patios/balconies of the motel units are solidly screened off.

    If you don't want delivery drivers to see you nude, wear a wrap between your unit and the clubhouse. But they'll STILL see you nude if they look out of the clubhouse into the pool, or even around the clubhouse where many people go nude. That part of Florida has a LOT of nude recreation so it's not all that novel. The entire development is a nudist gated community and lots of people walk or jog nude around the grounds; they don't seem to be upset by delivery drivers.

    So, yes we'll go back, it's not Hedo but it is fun for what it is.
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