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Thread: Breezes Rio Bueno is nice and is upscale.

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    It was nice and booooring.........
    J & J, newbies, heading to HEDO III in August!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill lawrence View Post
    Thanks for the posts on BRB. It appears that there is not a sexually charged atmosphere here as compared to Hedo II. Is that True?
    Yes not as sexual as a general rule. Depends on the crowd too! It was plenty sexual the times we went with our group though.

    Have fun!

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    Definitely not -- just returned from there on Friday and even though the crowd was very -- very -- limited, it was not a sexually charged atmosphere whatsoever. Go to Desire or H2 for that. They are much more fun if that is what you like to do.

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    Unfortunately we were unable to get a room at H2. The resort was completely sold out for the X mas and New year period. We have booked for Breezes Rio Bueno (the Au Naturel Side). From what we have been hearing its not as sexually charged as Hedo but should still be fun.. Can you tell us what type of clothes are worn for dinner or to the Club house or the Disco in the nights? We wouldn't want to be over dress or under dressed for any of these occasions :-)..
    K & L

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    If you are looking for sexually charged fun, with the right crowd, the Fantasy night at the AN clubhouse can be a lot of fun. I have never been to Hedo, but with Hedo III now closed, there might be some of that crowd now at Breezes Rio Bueno (AN side). At the AN clubhouse, there is no dress code (no clothes allowed). On the Textile side, standard resort fare is acceptable at any of the restaurants. Coat and tie and a nice dress at the French restaurant. The ANers tend to live on the edge at the disco, particularly for Toga and/or pajama night. This makes for a lot of fun, as most of the AN crowd hangs out together over on that side anyway. I think you will have a great time at Rio Bueno. If you want to bring some Hedo-like atmosphere there with you, I am sure you will find some like-minded people. Just know there are some there that are not.

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    This sounds a great place to stay. Will try to check this one out as well. Thanks for the post guys!
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    You may be a tad "tardy for the party".

    This is no longer the resort it was in 2010 when this thread was active. It has been sold and rebranded as a family resort.

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    You might want to consider dropping or archiving off this and the Hedonism III forums. No sense in regularly reminding us of the good old days...

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