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Some suggested travel items for Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida in October

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As promised, here is my 2018 Fantasy Fest suggested list of items to consider for your Key West adventure. Feel free to add your own items and modify this list with suggestions:

I want to share with all Krewe de Krazy Life members and others going to Key West for Fantasy Fest my updated travel checklist that might make their packing easier.

I created this checklist for those Krewe that go with me on our annual June Group Trip to Hedonism resort in Jamaica. While some items are specific to Hedo, most are useful or necessary for Fantasy Fest also.

So, with a little more about 25 days to go for Fantasy Fest 2018 (October 19-28), please feel free to adapt and modify this list to meet your needs and criteria for your Fantasy Fest trip.

This changeable checklist of travel suggestions allows you to cherry pick travel items for trips to Fantasy Fest or similar destinations or venues:

Passport and copies of passport facepages in luggage)
Airline ticket/confirmation number papers & itineraries
Airport transfer papers
Clothes for flights (bras, underwear, closed-toe shoes)
Luggage with name tags, luggage locks and passport copies inside
Luggage lined with empty trash bags that can later be used for dirty clothes, makeshift rain ponchos, covers for beach/pool bags in the rains
Snacks, Clif and protein bars
Empty water bottle
Anti-bacterial wipes packages
Black ink pen for completing customs/immigration on the plane and/or airport terminal

Prescription glasses
Small bills ($1, $5, $10 for misc. purchases, misc. tips)
Credit card(s)
Purse and/or wallet
Jewelry (costume preferred)
Emergency contact phone numbers and info sheet
Hospitality items
Pen, notepad
Mini-flashlight for bedside
Ipod & earbuds
Pain relievers (Advil/Tylenol)
Stomach ache/medicine (Pepto-Bismol, Immodium, etc)

Kindle and/or books
Condoms and personal hygiene items
Prescription medications in original containers with copies of actual prescriptions
Beaded name necklace
Business cards
Sunglasses (and a second pair in case of misplaced/lost problems)
Sunblock 15/30/70
Chapstick/lip balm
Beach/Pool bag
Special towels
Flip flops/sandals
Water shoes/aquasocks
Water bottle/insulated & refillable drink mug
Wristlet for room key
Empty garbage bag (in case of rain to put all items into for walk back to room)
Optional: Mask/snorkel for any boat trips to the Key West area reefs

Sleepwear, sleep mask, earplugs
Mini-alarm clock
Computer and charger
Smartphone & charger
Camera and charger/batteries
Office supplies/folders
Small pocket flashlight for nightstand and pool bag at night
Reading glasses
Business cards
Disposable clothes hangers
Sewing kit with safety pins
Optional: Room attendant gifts like school supplies, etc

Hand wipes or Purel
Mini 1st aid kit with Band-aids, antibiotic ointment,
Hairbrush/comb and accessories (clips, scrunchies etc.)
Cotton balls & swabs
Contact lenses, saline solution, & case
Curling iron
Feminine hygiene items
Insect repellent and anti-itch creams (Benedryl, etc)
Makeup and remover
Hand lotion/moisturizer
Eye drops (Visine)
Nail clippers/file/scissors/tweezers
Nail polish/remover
Ziplock baggies
Razor & shaving cream
Sewing kits/eyeglass repair kit
Special shampoo or conditioner
Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
Drinking Mate tablets (for those that tend to be “over-served” their alcoholic drinks
Aloe vera gel/lotion for sunburns/skin conditioner

Dress shoes
Sandals/flat shoes
Props & accessories (glow sticks, sippy cup, stickers,
Scotch tape
Paint and brushes for rock painting
Exercise clothing/shoes
Resort casual clothes for non-buffet restaurants

Foldable pocket rain poncho/mini-umbrella
Shoes, socks, shorts, tank top/t-shirt
Tip & souvenir cash
Backpack, collapsible tote bag
Drink bottle with lid

Another consideration: A recommendation from a Krewe member is that Key West guests that plan to return to the next FF confirm their following year reservation and rates before they leave Key West–and get it in writing.

Finally, Check with the airlines the amount (weight) of baggage LEAVING Key West. There was a restriction on departing flights, not those arriving. Many veteran FF attendees ship their costumes and "gear" to the place they are staying, or to a package holding business. (e.g. Mail Boxes, UPS store, etc.) Check with where you are staying as most will accept incoming packages for arriving guests.
Obviously, not everyone would need all of these items but it is a start for picking and choosing those things you might want to have at Fantasy Fest.

Safe travels to you!

Ann, The TravelSlut

Be sure to check out more of my daily Fantasy Fest photos and videos here:

And for those of you that will miss FF 2018 or know you will miss FF 2019, don't forget that the Krewe de Krazy Life group celebrates "Fantasy Fest Caribbean Style" in Negril, Jamaica every June (since 2005 and 2019 is June 15-22) for more fun in the sun and special delights at night that can only be found at the wickedly-wild, nude/clothing-optional, tropical/beachfront and all-inclusive Hedonism II resort.

Plus, again this year, our group is open to all adult singles and couples who want the lowest group rates, incredible fun in and out of costumes and clothes, and with the fun times only a Krewe de Krazy Life group can create.

Email for more details:

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