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Deciding Date For Hedo...some considerations

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Hi there....I think that the stock answer is to go anytime, anyway, anyhow. Booking for any date eliminates the awful feeling of "should have, would have, could have
Obviously, your timing will be influenced by your preference to time of year, availability for time off, etc. plus, whatever group present the week you decide to attend.

Here's some basic info I have posted before.

Hi again….after having experienced Hedo 13 times now since 2005, you should be excited about any trip to Hedonism resort in Negril, Jamaica and enjoy the anticipation—especially if you are considering a trip to paradise this June.

In previous years I did lots of research before I decided for my Krewe de Krazy Life group to go the 3rd/4th week of June and I’m glad I did.

Our group is able to go much easier than other times because:

1) school is out for almost everyone and kids can be transferred to relatives for the week

2) It is before the true rainy/hurricane season which is at its peak mid-July to mid-October so that our week benefits from the sun, summer solstice and an occasional rain shower (in my 10 days this past June there were a total of about 4-5 hours of rain showers total)

3) The waters of the Hedo pools and the Caribbean are the warmest of the year

4) Mid-June marks the low season for both resort rates and even many airline rates so double savings are a nice bonus

5) The resort during our week has sold out/nearly sold out the past two June’s and the energy levels by staff and guests are pretty high.

And yes, consider a group even if for nothing more than the cost-savings for room rates and flights, plus being with a group sometimes (at least with my Krewe de Krazy Life) there are:

perks like gift bags with essential/helpful items,

a private meet & greet party upon arrival to get to know other group members,

camraderie and always someone that can offer help or socialize with,

and even special group benefits–

At least with my Krewe, we have zero mandatory requirements or obligations 24/7 because a person’s time at Hedo is their own personal time for them to do as they want, when they want–or not want–to.

Anyway, there is no shortage of great people and groups at Hedo and if you are seeking more info, the links below in my signature line have some Hedo-related videos, photos, trip reports, tips, etc.

Ann The TravelSlut Back from Cuba, currently in Florida & heading to Fantasy Fest in Key West this month with the Krewe de Krazy Life (nice mix of newbies/virgins and veteran Hedonites)

12th Annual Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip open to all singles and couples and unicorns- JUNE 16-23, 2018


From one of my blogs about booking with a group:

Just some considerations as I get asked this quite often about my annual group trip to Hedonism II every June:

Groups will most often have the best rates for the timeframe you seek and likely allow for you to extend the group rate both before and after the group's main dates at the resort provided you spend the bulk (usually a minimum of 5 days) of your days within the group week.

Groups usually offer a special meet and greet at the beginning of the group week

Groups often have a goodie bag for their members which might include any number of small, useful items for your stay at Hedo or something to take home to remember your trip there.

Groups offer a kind of "security blanket" for newbies or people that are more shy or anxious by always providing guests that the newbie can learn from, ask questions, dine or drink with or just carry on conversations, etc.

Groups sometimes have special events or activities that provide guests opportunities that may not be offered to other non-group member guests.

Groups can sometimes make reservations for areas of the resort for special activities

Groups can charter a nude cruise from the resort

Groups provide recognition by both Hedo staff and other guests (our Krewe has special beaded name/nickname necklaces for easy identification to guests and staff)

Groups allow guests to be followers and not leaders or having to make decisions especially in new situations

Groups can offer more discreet assistance should you encounter a problem or issue or just general uestions

Group members often watch out for other group members should a guest have too much to drink, too much sun, or just too much whatever

Groups provide an avenue of support and casual interaction and often lead to friendships outside of Hedo.

Groups allow for friendly conversation, sharing experiences, sharing memories, having friendship/camaraderie, laughing with someone, or simply eating or drinking with someone you might know or want to know

Cons for groups?

There are very few cons that I could think of based on my experience organizing my group the past 11 years and speaking with group leaders and members during my previous 14 trips to Hedo.

One possible negative would be any pressure to participate in group activities (they should always be voluntary because the guest is always the guest & it is THEIR vacation/holiday)

I am not aware of membership fees (although I jokingly tell my group members they must "buy" me a glass of champagne at

Anyway, I hope this helps a little.

Ann, The TravelSlut
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