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Trip report for TravelSlut's & Krewe de Krazy Life's 11th Annual Group Trip to Hedo

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Another A+ visit (my 13th) and Hedo is only getting better.

NOTE: 12th Annual Hedo Krewe Group Trip is set for June 2018. Space is initially limited to the 1st 20 rooms on a 1st-come, 1st reserved basis. Email me for details:

My/our week was simply awesome and it was the Krewe de Krazy Life’s 11th Annual Group Trip–everything from airport transfers by Rocky’s Taxi Service for the 8th year (I would not choose anyone else) to the staff & service of the newly remodeled/renovated Hedonism II resort in Negril. This was my 13th adventure at Hedonism II resort in Negril.

I have always filed extensive and detailed trip reports following each of my visits but due to some pending travels & obligations, plus NOT taking the extensive notes as I have normally done or documenting just about everything & taking 100’s of photos & videos as I have done in past trips, I will just list some highlights and if anyone has any specific questions or comments, feel free to direct them to me here.

I was in room #2126 (Nude Beach, Jacuzzi Premium Suite) and made it Krewe headquarters for the week & it was just steps away from #2129 where I stayed last June. I moved my old rock from #2129 to its new place at the jacuzzi of #2126.

Check-in was so smooth and fast and my room condition and amenities were excellent. The only hitch was my jacuzzi taking so long to heat up. My refrigerator was always fully stocked, champagne delivered daily, and room was serviced every morning & every night with phone calls from the concierge daily for anything else I required. (Note: I could have ice delivered, go to the nude bar for ice, or simply walk out from my lanai to the water cooler (Igloo-type) on the beach and scoop some ice.

The beach and lagoon area continue to be clear, calm, and clean and checked/managed daily. Vendors are located near the Sandals resort entrance and I would advise against buying from the “brownie” vendor walking along the beach as I did not hear anything positive about the “special” brownies. Also, I never saw any of the stingrays at night in the waters around the marina. There were plenty of loungers and float pads all week despite the resort nearly being sold out for several of the days. Some Krewe and friends did both scuba and snorkel boat trips (complimentary twice daily) and said they were good.

Other rooms (based on other Krewe/guests reports) had all new air conditioners which seemed to have solved the original A/C issues and everyone liked the new bathroom remodels too.The only complaints were the rooms in the furthest (prude side) regular rooms (GVR) next to the roadway as being noisy at times.

The nude pool bar, grill and pool areas have been renovated and the extra shade, extra grilling areas, no towel check-outs required, picnic benches for eating (with umbrellas), extended nude bar roof overhangs and pool umbrellas provided the much needed additional shade. One afternoon I counted nine (9!) bartenders at the nude bar when the pool was almost full. Again, the only complaints were the water was too chilly at night for some and that a solar heating system would be a nice addition. The usual fun in the sun and “spicy and sexy” delights at night were observed at various times and everyone had great times in and out of the pool & hot tub (which was only very, very hot just one night).

Restaurants—Pastafari (Italian), Harry San (Japanese teppanyaki) and the Beach/Chophouse restaurants all had rave reviews from guests and Krewe and I ate at all three. The Main Terrace dining room for all three meals was simply outstanding from selection to quantity to quality. The Seafood Buffet on Friday night was again amazing and delicious.

Entertainment Crew (EC’s) and Main stage music and entertainment shows again performed flawlessly each day and night keeping the energy level at its peak and always with a smile. More than a few Krewe were joined at their dining tables for breakfast and lunches by EC’s and that made guests feel very special. Winston, of course steals the stage shows, As for the EC’s, you will never find any more hard-working staff anywhere. Also, Krewe newbies “E&D” won the Toga Night costume contest on the main stage on Thursday night.

Disco/nightclub—I never experienced it this trip but friends walked through several times and said it was almost empty except the night of the Foam Party which was described as great by many people. Most people appear to skip the disco from the piano bar and go right to the nude pool after midnight.

The piano bar was fun, very energetic but loud each night. Get there early (before 10:30 pm opening) for the best seat and sit back and enjoy both great music, karaoke, bawdy lyrics (sometimes) and surprise fun in, around and on top of the piano.

The Main Terrace pool was quite active throughout the week but never overcrowded. The Tuesday night Glow Party there was awesome as always and well-attended. Great music and fun and even a few skinny dippers.

Throughout the week the drinks were free flowing and the top-shelf liquors were poured with love by hard-working and always smiling bar staff. It seemed the Nude Pool “shot” of the week was the PB&J–Peanut Butter & Jelly.

I’ll be posting my photos and videos to my various online sites this week and many are self-explanatory regarding the resort and its activities.

Hedo should be on your adult travel bucket list and I can’t wait for my upcoming 14th trip to Paradise in late 2017 or early 2018.

Ann, The TravelSlut

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